To Fly Like an Eagle



I was on a very special retreat, and most of us who attended, came away feeling like eagles, and flying high! Our
favourite song was, ‘The power of your love’, by Geoff Bullock, where we sang about rising up as eagles, in the power of
the Lord’s love. We felt renewed and ready for anything!
What do you know of eagles? My knowledge of these majestic birds was extended recently one morning, and it brought
new meaning to the verse, “Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things, so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle?s.”
Ps 103:5.
Did you know that the reason an eagle can stay out all night in the rain and not get pneumonia, is because of the oil
that covers his wings? This oil, which he exudes each day from within, protects him from the cold of winter and the
heat of summer.
Just as we age, stiffen up, and our skin begins to wrinkle, so too there comes a time in the eagle?s life when the oil dries
out. His feathers don’t bend, they break. His eyes grow dim, his strength diminishes, and his coat starts to look
threadbare. Disease is beginning to set in, and death will soon follow if he doesn’t do something about it.
That is when he chooses to fly to an isolated place, usually in the cleft of a rock, and there he will spend several weeks
examining his coat very carefully. Every diseased feather will be deliberately plucked out, but as he does so, God will
replace it with a new one. It all takes time, but it is the beginning of a new future. When the process is complete,
he will come out, spread his wings, and soar into the heavens again.
Can you now understand the words of Isaiah when he said, “They that wait on the Lord shall renew their
strength.” Is.40:31?
When we’ve lost our joy in the Lord, or have got spiritually weak, we have to be like the eagle, and go to a quiet place
of examination. We must let God expose our sins and then remove them. Defects in our character will also have robbed
us of vigour, and a sense of His presence. These need to be dealt with before we can be free to fly with joy and power
“As I wait – I’ll rise up like the eagle, and I will soar with You, Your Spirit leads me on in the power of Your love.” G. Bullock
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