Tim Tebow – a modern day Caleb

Tim Tebow –so much has been written and discussed about this man but most of the analysts are skipping over the most important component of who Tim is. They are all afraid to touch on the true element of his success, His faith in Jesus Christ, which is the driving force from which all of the other Tebow traits spring from. Most reporters call it his faith but, it is so much more than that, it is his daily relationship with Jesus Christ.
Tim makes no bones about being a Christian and he is very transparent about this fact. Tebow lives this openly on a daily basis, through actions and speech, it’s what sets him apart from the crowd and also what heats up the spotlight as it closes in on him.
Many are looking for cracks and reasons to call him a hypocrite. When no dirt is found in his personal life, they broaden the inspection and critique to his game. He has been not only one of the most talked about sports figures, but also one of the most analyzed ones as well. Criticizing endlessly his abilities, skills and stats, as an NFL quarterback.
The ironic thing – the elephant in the room—that everyone has such a hard time addressing is his success, his wins and his ability to “do his job.” The naysayers go on to say that Tim is different than anyone else, his stats don’t tally with the win, so he must be headed for disaster, and it’s only a matter of time. If those critics would stop long enough and ask themselves, what part of Tim Tebow’s life looks like anyone else’s? So why would he start now? Why does he have to be like someone else to be successful in the NFL?
Someones’ life that does resemble Tebow’s is that is the Old Testament spy, Caleb (Numbers 13). God had Moses send 12 men, one from each tribe, to spy out the Promised Land and report back to him with all that they saw. When the 12 came back to report to Moses, ten of them buckled at the sight of the giant men in the land. But Caleb saw only the good land, flowing with milk and honey. He refused to look at the size of the giants and chose instead to keep his focus on the size of his God. Caleb had ten other spies speaking to Moses and listing reasons why they shouldn’t go into the Promised Land. They were hung up on the previous track record of those trying to cross or inhabit the land. The other spies said that the people who live there are very powerful and the cities are fortified and large. Caleb was an obedient and faithful man, who trusted wholeheartedly in the LORD his God, he refused to react on emotions, stats, opinions and fear. He chose instead to focus on the one who had been the constant in his life, the LORD. He trusted in God’s track record and promises. Caleb had seen the LORD deliver himself and his fellow Israelites from the bondage of slavery in Egypt, using miraculous signs and wonders to do it. Caleb had also walked between two walls of water, after God split the Red Sea. Not to mention also being a witness to God causing water to spring from a rock in the middle of the dessert! Caleb kept his focus on what God could do through a willing, faithful and obedient servant, not on his limitations or what others said might happen.
Sound familiar? Many of you are thinking oh, Tebow has seen the miracles of winning the AFC West Division and beating the Steelers, the preverbal giants in the land…. No! The miracles that Tim has to draw off of start with the story of his birth. This is the headline story that is bigger than any football game. It began with Tim’s father Bob, a preacher and missionary, in Philippines and Tim writes about it in his book.
[1]“My dad was preaching in a remote village in the Philippines in 1986. As The Jesus Film played on a large, homemade screen hanging between two coconut trees, he became heavily burdened by the millions of babies being aborted in America. While weeping over the gigantic loss of human life, my dad began to pray, “Father, if you want another preacher in this world, you give him to me. You give me Timmy, and I will raise him to be a preacher.”
Tebow goes on to tell of His father returning to their home in Mindanao, Philippines and the rest of the family joining in prayer for Timmy. His mom hadn’t even conceived, yet they stepped out in faith, trusting God for Timmy to be born into their family. Tebow also reveals what his name Timothy means, “to honor God.” This shines a light on how grounded his parents were in their relationship with Christ. His mom conceived and it was a troubled pregnancy from the beginning, with the doctors telling her that she must abort the pregnancy to save her own life. They listened politely but, stood firm on their convictions to see the pregnancy through to the end. This gave the Tebows the opportunity to boldly trust God for the lives of their unborn child and his mother.





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