Thoughts at Year’s End



“In every generation, the people who have found God have been those who have
come to the end of themselves. Recognizing their hopelessness, they have
been ready to throw themselves on the mercy and grace of a forgiving God.”
–A. W. Tozer, “Men Who Met God”
As the year comes to a close and we look forward to the fresh start and new
beginnings of another year, I pray that God will continue to reveal Himself
to every heart and mind that comes through the doors to our worship
services. I pray that we would remain aware of how desperately we need the
Lord and how lovingly He gives of Himself to those who seek Him. I pray that
we will grow in our hunger for His Word and become intentional and
disciplined about nurturing our faith. I pray that the Holy Spirit will
remind us of the truths we have studied this year as we walked through the books of the Bible and the classic
spiritual disciplines.
Lord, give all of us a passion for truth, hearts full
of hope and courage, and wills intent on belief. Convict us of our sin,
conform us to your Son. Help us to look beyond ourselves, to see the great
needs around us, and to rise to the challenge of compassion. Amen.

Jim Thomas, Pastor
The Village Chapel

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From our archives, 12/29/03


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