“The Other Side Of The Radio” Event

On Tuesday, March 4th, Rocketown Records hosted a double release date event featuring Chris Rice and brand new group, Alathea. The event was held in Nashville at Michael W. Smith’s pioneering teen club, Rocketown. The record company promoted a nation wide contest where 18 winners were flown in to be a part of this special evening.
The opening act, Alathea (pronounced uh-LAY-thee-uh) is made up of three lovely girls; Carrie Theobald, Mandee Radford and Cristi Johnson who hale from the mountains of East Tennessee. They performed cuts from their debut recording; “What Light is All About”. The album aptly represents the warmth and thoughtfulness of these three personable women. The group’s self-described “Popalachian” music is acoustic in nature. The songs offer an array of eclectic influences and instrumentation that reflect the groups Appalachian roots and diverse musical tastes. “What Light is All About is not just a random collection of songs,” says the group.”These songs tell the simple story of our lives, sung out as creatively and honestly as we know how to be. From the images and instrumentation to the recording from our cabin and photography, we tried to keep everything true to the passion of the songs and their setting in the mountains of East Tennessee. Alathea is Greek and the word means “Truth.” The girls are true to who they are in Christ. They really are what their name means; they are Alathea.

Following Alathea, Michael W. Smith (owner and founder of Rocketown Records) came out to introduce the next performer and he did so by stating, “this record company would never be a place if it hadn’t had been for Chris Rice. And I will never forget that Don (Donahue; President of Rocketown Records) came over and we were playing his (Chris’) first CD and the song came on Welcome To Our World. And when I heard that song, I just said it’s a no brainer. If he could write a song like that, he must have a lot more songs of that caliber.”  Chris is still the same guy he was when I first met him and it’s a real honor to have him here tonight.”

Chris Rice then took the stage and thanked the label for putting together “The Other Side Of The Radio” event. He congratulated the winners that came from around the country.”  Chris shared that the idea for the song came from a conversation with a friend from college who said, “Chris whenever I hear you on the other side of the radio, I (blah blah blah blah) .” Rice said he was so stunned by the phrase, “the other side of the radio” he couldn’t even remember the rest of the sentence his friend said. So it was at that point when he
decided to write a song called “The Other Side Of The Radio.”
Rice continued to play selections from his new album, “Run the Earth-Watch the Sky” as well as some other favorites too.   In fact,
those in attendance did not allow Chris to leave the stage without singing his ever-famous cut entitled; “The Cartoon Song”.
Run the Earth- Watch the Sky “The title of my fourth record is actually an unspoken motto I’ve had throughout my life,” says Rice.
“The first part, I love life. I love to explore. I love to travel. I love to camp and hike. I just feel like I want to live life zealously and enjoy
it. At the same time, the last phrase says “watch the sky.” Everything we do on this planet we need to do in a bigger context and to
realize we are a part of something bigger. There is a God who loves us, who is involved and who one day is coming back for us.
It’s a title that does more than simply describe the themes of the record it names. Run the Earth- Watch the Sky actually does a
startlingly accurate job depicting how its creator, singer/songwriter Chris Rice, approaches his life, his music and his faith.
The evening was a great success Over 200 people were in attendance to help Rocketown Records celebrate both of these fine artist’s Brand New Releases.


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