The Multimedia Church

Churches are getting hip and modern when it comes to using
the media. After years of fighting against them, they are
finally using TV and even the internet to promote their
messages. Even though many years ago churches used to
boycott movies, companies, and TV shows, now they are
beginning to use the media as a powerful tool to share
their message. At the beggining, the radio was the only
wayto transmit churches’ information. However, media grew
a lot since then, and so did the churches.
Church on television is a phenomena that has been around
for years, but it has increased greatly in the past ten
years. Almost every church has some type of media group to
help broadcast their services on television. Additionally,
churches are starting to purchase commercial time in order
to reach out to people.
Internet has increased its popularity among churches and
many of them are spending some money in pop-up adds on
the Internet. However, they are creating broad websites and
when it comes to broadcasting, the Internet is chosen by
many churches above the television.
On the other hand churches are also taking advantage of
television, of course. They don’t just broadcast their
services but they also purchase commercial time to reach
out to people. They are using the advantages of publicity.
One of the first churches who started a successful
nationwide advertising campaign using the television, was
the United Methodist Church, one of the oldest and more
traditional churches in the United States.
Churches are starting to use multimedia more and more to
sell themselves and those who are not are generally
considered a bit old fashioned. Unfortunately, these
churchesare beginning to reduce in size. If they really want
to grow and really contact people, they should take the next
step and use multimedia. TV and internet are the way for
churches to reach their community.


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