The Logan Show – Christian Variety Program

Since its launch in January,  “The Logan Show,” a Christian variety program geared toward youth and college-aged young adults, has been rapidly increasing its viewership and fanbase, and industry folks are taking notice.
In just two months of production, “The Logan Show” can now be seen in over 65 million homes nationally on JC-TV, FamilyNet, INSP, iLife and TCT, and is being picked up across the country on local stations as well.  Internationally, the show can be viewed in more than 60 million homes, including Canada and Australia, with numbers growing weekly.  In addition, each episode is also streamed online at and 
“We are very encouraged by the response we’ve gotten to ‘The Logan Show’, both here in the U.S. and internationally,” says Clayton Wood, production coordinator for the show.  “Since going on the air in January, we’ve been adding new stations and networks weekly.  We feel like we’re providing young people with a high-quality alternative to the late-night entertainment that’s out there right now and we’re excited to be partnering with these stations and networks to get the show on the air.”
“Our fans are extremely important to us,” says Logan Sekulow, host and creative director for the show. “In fact, they are the entire reason we created ‘The Logan Show’!   We saw the void in great entertainment for young people that wasn’t pushing the line of vulgarity.  Our goal is to put a really fun, high quality show out there, so that kids do have other options when flipping through channels.  And, so far, it seems like they’re catching on and enjoying what we’re doing.”        
Quickly becoming “THE” show to appear on, artists and industry folks alike are taking notice to “The Logan Show” and are making room in their schedule to participate in a taping. 
Combine “The Late Show”, “Saturday Night Live” and “Austin City Limits”, throw in some fun youth group memories and you’ve got “The Logan Show”, the new clean alternative to late night television.  Hosted by Logan Sekulow, the show is first and foremost Christian entertainment for youth and young adults, although, its growing fanbase spans a wide age-range.  Logan is joined by snowman co-host, John Drake Windsor Mann (nicknamed ‘Chili’ for his love of Mexican food) and a cast of eight guys and girls who take part in a weekly comedy sketch.  Each episode is filmed in front of a live audience in Nashville, TN and features an in-studio performance and interview with today’s hottest musical acts.
Previous guests on the show include Tree 63, Bleach, Mike Nawrocki (voice of Larry the Cucumber), Denver and the Mile High Orchestra, Warren Barfield, Andrew Carlton, Poor Man’s Riches and M.O.C.  Artists appearing on episodes in the weeks to come will be ZoeGirl and Michael Cook.   One goal of “The Logan Show” is to highlight up-and-coming artists in monthly “Big Break” episodes.  Artists highlighted in this special feature have been Stephen Speaks and Damien Horne, and coming up this week will be Talitha & Acacia.
One of the Creative Directors behind “The Logan Show”, as well as filling the role of witty host, 19 year old Logan Sekulow received his college degree at the age of 15 in Film and Video from Full Sail in Orlando, Florida, becoming the youngest graduate in the school’s history.  From there, Sekulow went on to an internship at Nickelodeon, first filling rhe role of set intern and then appearing on-camera in contests and sketches on “Slime Time Live” and “U-Pick Live”.  While touring Christian Music Festivals in the Summer of 2004 to encourage voter registration, Sekulow and a group of friends came up with the idea for a television show in the same vein of late night talk and comedy shows that would provide a clean alternative to what is currently available.  “The Logan Show” was born from that idea and after producing and airing a pilot, the show was picked up for a full season.
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