The Flame of the Father



A flicker of light danced through the heavens
with angels unveiling His entrance to earth
The flame of the Father burned deep in her heart
as Gabriel blessed her with the news of His birth
Joseph and Mary drew close to their God
as they lived through the months of waiting in faith
He stayed by their side as they journeyed afar
with the light of His hope guiding their days
The moment arrived when Mary gave birth
To the promised Messiah God’s holy Son
The angels broke forth into glorious praise
Awak’ning the shepherds the Savior had come
They went with great haste to find their new King
and entered the manger on humble bowed knee
They found the Christ child so gentle and sweet
then left with rejoicing sharing all they had seen
Though thousands of years have passed since that eve
we still celebrate that one holy night
All the candles on earth could never ignite
His love now within us for we are His light
© 2002 Jan Peterson
Christmas blessings to all of you! Jan Peterson
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