The Cardinal Takes Flight

The Cardinal is a live action film based on America’s longest running Christian comic book super hero. The comic book called “The Cardinal Adventures” was created by K.J.Kolka. It is published by Sunday Comics Ministries and is distributed FREE each year.
The Cardinal is college student Rich Benton, who while searching for direction in his life from God, discovers he has been given the ability to fly after an accident. That is the only “super power” he has. Everything else comes from his reliance and guidance from God. The shrt film shows how he gets his flying powers after an accident involving a chemical spill. With the help of Detective Truth, they expose a teen age crime ring led by the notorious Scarlet Assassin. The film is a faithful adaptation of the comic book, The Cardinal: Hero With a Heart.
The Cardinal will be ready for release on June 1, 2004. The film runs 36 minutes and is available on VHS only at this time. Find out more about the film at
You can contact K.J.Kolka to order your comics at or visit them online at


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