The Ballad of Little Joe

Get ready to strap on those spurs and saddle up as Big Idea Productions, creators of the best-selling and critically-acclaimed VeggieTales children’s video series, rides into the wide open range with the release of The Ballad of Little Joe, the newest VeggieTales adventure!
Packed with a posse of rootin’ tootin’ fun, kick-up-your-heels singing and hilarious storytelling to get even the biggest, baddest varmint to fall off their horse laughing, The Ballad of Little Joe will be available in stores August 5, 2003 at the great new low price of $12.99 SRP for VHS and $14.99 SRP on DVD from Word Distribution.
You’ve heard the story of Joseph and his multi-colored coat many times, but only VeggieTales can tell it in the Wild, Wild West! Inspired by “Bonanza” and an amalgamation of so many other beloved Westerns, The Ballad of Little Joe begins at the Lazy Eye Ranch, the Veggie equivalent of the Ponderosa. Join Larry the Cucumber as Joseph, a mild-mannered cucumber with great organizational skills who lives an uneventful life on the ranch with his family. Watch as Joseph’s eleven jealous brothers – cowboy peas with a French accent! – sell him to some bandit desperadoes, beginning a journey that will take him from an abandoned mine shaft to a pizza saloon in Dodgeball City! Children and adults of all ages will enjoy this timeless classic and it’s valuable lesson of faithfulness and facing hardships.
As an added bonus, The Ballad of Little Joe features another hilarious “Silly Song” that will have you holding your belly with laughter – literally! Experience the harmonic talents of everyone’s favorite veggie-boy band, Boyz in the Sink, as they serenade their audience with their most famous ballad, “Belly Button.” This special concert performance is also highlighted by an appearance from Khalil, the much-loved and wacky character from Jonah – a VeggieTales Movie.
The Ballad of Little Joe DVD includes these bonus materials:

* Behind The Scenes Footage
* Veggie / Little Joe Trivia
* How To Draw Little Joe segments
* Interactive Storybook – “Bob Lends a Helping Hand”
* Sing Along Songs
* Audio Commentary
* Art Gallery
* Animation Progression Reel
* DVD-Rom Fun
* Family fun activities – “Minefield” & “Tummy Ache Dreams”
* Hidden Easter Eggs
* Trailers / Sneak Previews
About Big Idea Productions
Big Idea Productions is a family media company committed to providing entertaining stories that help parents teach children important life lessons in a delightfully wacky way. Based in the Chicago area, Big Idea Productions is best known for its award-winning VeggieTales animated series which has sold over 30 million videos and over three million albums of chart-topping audio since 1993. In addition to extending the property into licensing, publishing and live entertainment arenas, the Company recently released its first-ever feature film, Jonah – A VeggieTales Movie, which has grossed over $25 million at the domestic box office. Big Idea is recognized as the leading producer and creator of values-based product reflecting a Judeo-Christian worldview in the family entertainment industry. For more information on Big Idea, visit


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