TBN Second Chance Expands Broadcast Outreach to Incarcerated Adults & Youth in Several States

Trinity Broadcasting Network is changing the lives and futures of those serving time in America’s correctional facilities as it expands the reach of its TBN Second Chance initiative into correctional facilities in Mississippi, Washington, West Virginia, Texas, and Ohio.
Since its launch in 2007, TBN Second Chance has provided TBN’s 24-hour life-changing programming to over 750 prisons in more than thirty states, impacting a potential of nearly one million inmates. TBN covers the cost of equipment and installation, providing inmates with up to four of its popular faith networks: TBN’s flagship channel, its JUCE network for teens and young adults, the popular TBN Church Channel, and the Enlace Spanish-language Christian network.
“We’re excited about the opportunity to take faith-impacting programming to new correctional facilities in several states,” said Mark Reynolds, national director for TBN Second Chance. “Men, women, and youth across America continue to be transformed by the programming provided by TBN Second Chance, and correctional officials are recognizing the impact of this vital outreach.”
Mr. Reynolds said that among the locales where he is working with correctional officers to launch or upgrade TBN Second Chance are:
– The Mississippi State Penitentiary, the state’s oldest prison with over 4,500 inmates, where TBN Second Chance is upgrading its presence, beginning with the prison’s Death Row facility.
– Washington State, where at least three state facilities are taking part in a TBN Second Chance pilot program. The prisons will receive four TBN networks, impacting some 4,700 inmates.
– West Virginia, which is adding two new correctional facilities to the twelve state sites already impacted by TBN Second Chance.
– Texas, which recently completed a much needed upgrade of its two-year-old TBN Second Chance program, bringing TBN programming to over 110 prisons.
– Ohio, where TBN Second Chance is being installed in the state’s juvenile facilities, impacting more than 700 youth.
TBN Vice President Matthew Crouch noted that TBN Second Chance is an integral part of the network’s mission of reaching the world with life-changing programming. “From neighborhoods to nations, from households and families to communities of every kind, TBN is committed to taking the hope of the gospel to every corner of the earth through Christian television,” he said. “We are thankful for the success we have witnessed through TBN Second Chance, and we look forward to God’s continued blessing over all of TBN’s broadcast efforts around the world.”
To learn more about TBN’s efforts to reach out to inmates throughout the U.S., visit tbnsecondchance.org.


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