Tails From The Ark

The new Brentwood Records children’s
animated video project, Tails From The Ark, “Honk If You’re Special”
will premiere on the big screen in the Quad Cities, Davenport IA, April 28th. The
video was conceived and produced by Treetop Studios, a division of EBI
Video, out of Davenport, Iowa and is being distributed in the CBA market
through Provident Distribution.
Tails From The Ark will premiere at Cinema 53 in Davenport for the Quad
Cities area with two showings on Saturday, April 28, 2001 at 10:00 and
11:00 am. Tickets will be available exclusively through Family Christian
Stores and all proceeds will benefit Children’s Miracle Network.
Besides Family Christian Stores, the local RIA Federal Credit Union and
the two top general market radio stations, MIX 96 and All Hit 98.9 are
sponsoring the video premiere. Ads have been running in the marketplace
for about three weeks with video and ticket giveaways, as well as a
front page color story this past Sunday in the Quad Cities Times
Entertainment Section and continued coverage from local television
media. “With all the local media involvement, it has been exciting for
us to see great anticipation generated from consumers in both the CBA
and general market in the Quad Cities area,” said Mike Davis, Marketing
Director for Treetop Studios. “It is great to be a part of a project
that so many people are embracing. To have mainstream radio and local
businesses supporting Tails shows that families are looking for outlets
with positive values and moral messages.”
Brentwood Records, Tails From The Ark, “Honk If You’re Special” was
released to the CBA market on April 3, 2001. After a kick off
presentation at CBA Expo in St. Louis and the upcoming Quad Cities
showing, Tails From The Ark will hit other key cities with big screen
premieres in the next few months.


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