SONICFLOOd’s self-titled debut album has been certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America

SONICFLOOd’s self-titled debut album, released on Gotee
Records in 1999, has been certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America, signifying
more than 500,000 units sold. Since its release, the album has remained a dominant presence on both
the Rock/Alternative Soundscan chart and the overall Christian Soundscan chart. In addition, the
project captured the Gospel Music Association’s Dove Award for Praise and Worship Album of the
Year and garnered the band a nomination for New Artist of the Year in 2000.
“It’s always great to achieve, to hit a benchmark, and be able to celebrate the unified effort to reach
those milestones that say, ‘you did it,’ ” says Gotee President Joey Elwood. “I’m very proud of the
efforts that went into this album, and I hope everyone that was responsible gets noticed for their
creativity and sacrifice.”
Elwood continues, “I was just listening to the album the other day and I heard the song ‘Holiness,’ and
my experience was so different than any other time I’ve heard that song since the project first released
over two years ago. To know that the ‘gold’ record is not the punctuation to that album, but kind of a
‘comma’ to a bigger experience is what I’m really thrilled about.”
SONICFLOOd’s gold certification comes just as the band has released the live follow-up to that
album. Entitled SONICPRAISe, the new project features live versions of SONICFLOOd favorites from
the original album, along with a collection of concert favorites that have never before been recorded by
the band. The very first single from SONICPRAISe, “Open the Eyes of My Heart,” has just been
released to Christian radio, and is already hitbound on the CHR charts.

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