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At Christian Activities, we have been busy creating Christian social networks where our friends can network and share information about Christian music and family-friendly entertainment. If you belong to any of these networks, please join us! Networks don’t work without people!
Ning is the newest, hottest thing! Christian Activities has created a network on Ning where Christian entertainers, artists, authors, radio personalities, comedians, and their fans can network to discuss Christian entertainment and events. Simply join the Christian Activities network, and then create your own page on the Christian Activities network.
Christian Activities is now also “broadcasting” on If you would like to hear some of our favorite music, past and present, visit
us at Blip. We have 29 tunes up already and will be adding more.
Follow us on Twitter to get short, daily updates.
Facebook: Christian Activities is also now on Facebook as both a group
and a page:Christian Activities GroupChristian Activities Facebook Page
Better yet, if you are on Facebook, join BOTH!
You can also find us on the Christian social networks.ZoeCityXianz

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