Slave Records Released

After years of planning and prayer the birth of an exciting new gospel label, SLAVE RECORDS was unveiled on January, 2002 with much expectation.
SLAVE RECORDS is a label with a purpose–a purpose conceived from a passionate vision held by gospel legend, Andraé Crouch, who will serve as President of the label.
Andraé Crouch has been a giant in the music business for over thirty years. His credits, awards, and the artists he has worked with reads like a virtual ?who?s who? in the music industry. And his music is known and loved around the world.
With the launching of SLAVE RECORDS, Andraé Crouch will be taking his influence in the industry to a whole new level.
As a full time Pastor in Southern California, Andraé Crouch?s heart has a redemptive passion behind it. Just listening to the message in today?s pop music reveals the disturbing addictions that a young people are a slave to–and where the only answers given are basically selfish and one-dimensional. SLAVE RECORDS offers an alternative–choosing to be a ?slave? to what is noble, heroic, and good. ?And having been set free from sin, you became slaves of righteousness.? (Romans 6:18)
SLAVE RECORDS will regularly be sponsoring city-wide evangelistic events involving mass choirs formed from local churches to perform with Andraé Crouch. These ?Worldwide Worship Summits? will provide an innovative and inspiring forum to unlock the power of the Spirit for both those on stage and those in the audience. New artististic talent will be discovered and featured and those in the audience will hear the gospel presented clearly in a non-threatening environment. SLAVE RECORDS will sponsor these events from coast to coast–searching for new talent and specifically searching for hearts that are thirsty for a life-changing experience with Christ.
SLAVE RECORDS will provide a positive alternative to the cynicism that pervades the airwaves. It will provide a musical forum where artists will not feel the usual pressure to compromise their dignity or their art. And- -most importantly- -authentic ministry will be encouraged and developed and lives will be forever changed as a result.
SLAVE RECORDS. A label with a purpose and a ministry. Distribution to be announced.


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