SJR 127 Passes

“Stand therefore…and having done everything, to stand.”
Defying all predictions, pro-life Tennesseans won a stunning victory Wednesday night when the state senate finally passed SJR 127 by an overwhelming vote of 23-6. Following an emotional two hour debate filled with pro-abortion demands for ‘gutting’ amendments and vicious personal attacks against prime sponsor David Fowler, a number of pro-abortion senators finally abandoned their failed attempts to attach a hostile pro-abortion amendment offered by Sen. Doug Jackson (D-Dickson.)
Those senators openly expressing opposition to SJR 127 and insisting that they could not support the Fowler resolution without gutting amendments were Senators Charlotte Burks (D-Monterey), Jo Ann Graves (D-Gallatin), Roy Herron (D-Dresden), Doug Jackson (D-Dickson), Rosalind Kurita (D-Clarksville), Don McLeary (D-Humboldt), Larry Trail (D-Murfreesboro), and Lt. Gov. John Wilder (D-Somerville).
Ironically, at the final moment, all but Herron and Kurita abandoned their pro-abortion colleagues and joined with pro-life legislators to pass the resolution—despite outspoken and vehement opposition to SJR 127 in the moments just preceding.
“Tonight’s victory belongs to grassroots Tennesseans who made their voices heard and remained committed to continuing doing everything possible to move SJR 127 forward in a meaningful form,” said Brian Harris, president of Tennessee Right to Life.
“The fact that pro-abortion senators cast pro-life votes is a testament to the power of growing the Right to Life momentum throughout Tennessee,” Harris said.
Several senators face strongly pro-life opponents in this fall’s elections and ultimately voted in support of SJR 127. Pro-abortion senators Larry Trail of Murfreesboro, Jo Ann Graves of Gallatin, and Lt. Governor Wilder of Somerville all face strong challenges from pro-life candidates in their districts. During weeks of senate debate, each expressed opposition to SJR 127 yet ultimately voted in support when all efforts to weaken the pro-life proposal failed.
Consistently voting in support of the Tennessee Right to Life position were: Atchley, Beavers, Bryson, Burchett, Crowe, Fowler, Henry, Ketron, McNally, Miller, Norris, Person, Ramsey, Southerland, and Williams. (15)
Committing his support to Tennessee Right to Life, voting against gutting amendments and in support of SJR 127 was first term pro-life senator Tommy Kilby. (16)
Joining with pro-life senators to pass SJR 127 on Wednesday despite repeated efforts to add hostile ‘gutting’ amendments: Burks, Cooper, Graves, Jackson, McLeary, Trail, and Wilder. (23)

Voting pro-abortion against SJR 127 were: Clabough, Cohen, Crutchfield, Herron, Kurita, and Kyle. (6)
Not voting but having expressed opposition to SJR 127: Dixon, Ford, Harper, and Haynes.
The single Republican to vote against SJR 127, Bill Clabough (Maryville), faces pro-life challenger Dr. Raymond Finney, President of Blount County Right to Life. Finney filed his papers earlier this week and will be seeking the active support of TRL members statewide.
“As we turn our focus toward the state house, the senate victory on SJR 127 should encourage every pro-lifer to hold fast, and to refuse to give up or go away,” said Brian Harris, president of Tennessee Right to Life.


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