‘Silver Leaves’ Issue 4 Combines High Fantasy with Deeper Meaning

Issue 4 of the high-fantasy artistic literary journal “Silver Leaves” is releasing this month filled with essays, poetry, fiction, and art inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien as well as writers like C.S. Lewis.
While “Silver Leaves” is not intended as a Christian publication, with authors Tolkien and Lewis serving as inspirations for the journal–both of who are still respected as Christian authors, the literary journal has attracted several Christian contributors including Christian Activities publisher Kathryn E. Darden and artist Jef Murray whose work explores the connection between myth/fairy tales and Christian thought.
Kathryn Darden has three original poems included: “Dragon,” “A Friend Like Sam to Be,” and “Snow Sprite” while Murray’s artwork is featured throughout the journal. A thought-provoking inspirational essay from Murray is also included describing how the works of Tolkien confirmed Murray’s own faith.
“‘Silver Leaves’ is produced by a marvelous and unusually wholesome (from the Christian perspective) gathering of folk who are lovers of fantastic tales,” Murray states.
“Since Tolkien’s Legendarium inspires and illuminates all of the writings and art in this quixotic publication, there can’t help but be an undercurrent of Christian orthodoxy in its content. But, more than that, Tolkien himself brilliantly wove into his tales real Truths that often go unspoken in our day. These help readers steal past those “watchful dragons” that C.S. Lewis so famously identified…the ones that keep out Goodness, Truth, and Beauty, because they fit so ill with our ‘modern’ sensibilities.
“Because ‘Silver Leaves’ reveres Tolkien, it cannot help but revere that which guided him; even if many who contribute to it are unaware of Whom they are serving, unknowingly.”
“Silver Leaves” Issue 4 is available to order now and will begin shipping in October.
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