Silers Bald Releases Silers Bald

Silers Bald has done it again. With their new
self-titled album, released in April 2000, this
Columbia, SC based band is hastily making its way from
local to national. The self-titled album is a
compilation of songs from their previous three cds,
“Climbing,” “Live at Town Theatre” and “Nothing Else
Beside.” Some fans consider it their greatest hits
album.The cd begins with the catchy tune of “Got Me
Smiling.” Listening to this new version leaves you
with a smile. The cd continues with an interesting mix
of driving rock melodies and riveting songs that leave
you recollecting on life’s obstacles.

“Grace,” written and performed by Laura Story seems
to be a favorite to everyone, including myself. “How
many times will you pick me up, when I keep on letting
you down…” The song will have you in tears
reflecting life’s failures, but better still smiling
at God’s promises.

Silers Bald are big fans of Rich Mullins, as
proclaimed at concerts and on their website. The cd
comes to a satisfying end with the
ever-popular”Creed,” by Rich Mullins. Their rendition
of this songs keeps you on your toes with beautiful
vocals from the entire band, driving drum beats by
Sean Anderson and Jason Jacobs and enchanting hammered
dulcimer solos by Marcus Myers.

Definitely their best cd yet, Silers Bald keeps
rocking for Christ. The cd leaves listeners with a
hunger for God, and a hunger for new music by Silers

Shhh. Rumor has it there could be a new cd in the
making. Let’s hope so.

Editer’s note:Silers Bald has been together for approximately six years,.
They have recorded three independant albums and their new, self-titled
album is on Diamante.
Their website is found at .


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