Seventh Day Slumber mini interview

Joseph, the lead singer acted as the spokesperson for SDS.
Tell me the background about the band.
SDS: The band was based out Dallas, Texas. We all moved to SpringHill, TN. The band is called Seventh
Day Slumber like God created the earth in 6 days and rested on the 7th.
We went into bible college and none of us in this band want to be rockstars. We want to see lives changed.
We thank God for the hit songs and hit records and all the stuff God has blessed us with, but i tell you what,
the only reason we do this is to see lives changed. We get at least 10 letters a week saying “I didn’t want to
live, I didn’t want to live until I came to your concert and gave my life to Christ at your concert.” Both kids and
adults. We stay online on our website and pray with people and loving on the kids and people who come to
the chat. Check out
Since we started the band in 1997 we’ve seen over 10,000 people come to Christ.
What is the focus of the new album “Picking Up The Pieces”?
SDS: People are going to think I’m crazy when we say this but we want to change the world. We believe we
can change the world. We’re crazy like that. We believe we can do all things through Christ who strengthens
us and we just want to change the world. We believe the goal of this record is to go worldwide to help hurting
people regardless if they are Christian or not. It is going to be released in April 8th and it will be released
mainstream. Crown really believes in us. We’re excited.


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