Secrets of a Faith Well Lived to Release July 17

“Secrets of a Faith Well Lived – Intimate Conversations with
Modern Day Disciples” by Christopher Coppernoll will be available at
retail outlets nationwide July 17, 2001.
“Secrets” features candid reflections on living the Christian faith
excerpted from exclusive interviews with some of the most influential
Christian authors of our time including Max Lucado, Larry Crabb, Sheila
Walsh, Frank Peretti, Brennan Manning Tony Campolo, Patsy Clairmont,
Henry Blackaby, Karyn Henley, Barbara Johnson, Grant Jeffrey, Chonda
Pierce, Scotty Smith, and Steve Brown.
In “Secrets of a Faith Well Lived” the authors who have deeply inspired
the evangelical world over the years through their popular, best-selling
books reveal the substance of what it is that makes them tick. They
each intimately share stories about their backgrounds, how they found
their unique callings, and how each lives out their faith. Readers will
better understand why the authors think, write, and believe as they do
through personal stories told in the authors own words.
“I wrote “Secrets of a Faith Well Lived” because I believe emphatically
in the power of the personal testimony,” said Christopher Coppernoll.
“What questions would you ask Brennan Manning, Max Lucado, or Scotty
Smith given personal, uninterrupted time with them? I asked
straightforward, probing questions about their private lives and their
private faith. I think readers will be surprised and inspired by what
the authors had to say.”
“Secrets of a Faith Well Lived” is the second book from Soul2Soul
Ministries focusing on the intimate faith of well known Christians. In
1998 Word Publishing released “Soul2Soul: Top Christian Music Artists
Share An Intimate Look at Their Lives, Their Music, & Their Faith.”
Soul2Soul Ministries began in 1994 with the premiere of the “Soul2Soul”
radio program airing internationally in 465 markets. Through radio
programming, book publishing, periodical writing, and concert tours,
Soul2Soul Ministries provides outlets for the inspiring, personal
testimonies from contemporary Christians.
For a review copy, contact: Soul2Soul Ministries at (615) 591-9514.
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