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Secretariat was the Thoroughbred racehorse who became the first U.S. Triple Crown champion in twenty-five years in 1973, setting new race records in two of the three events in the Series-—the Kentucky Derby, and the Belmont Stakes. In a fitting tribute, the biographical movie Secretariat by Walt Disney Pictures starts with the following Bible quote from the book of Job 39: 19 – 24 with verse 25 read near the end of the movie:
19 “Do you give the horse its strength
or clothe its neck with a flowing mane?
20 Do you make it leap like a locust,
striking terror with its proud snorting?
21 It paws fiercely, rejoicing in its strength,
and charges into the fray.
22 It laughs at fear, afraid of nothing;
it does not shy away from the sword.
23 The quiver rattles against its side,
along with the flashing spear and lance.
24 In frenzied excitement it eats up the ground;
it cannot stand still when the trumpet sounds.
25 At the blast of the trumpet it snorts, ‘Aha!’
It catches the scent of battle from afar,
the shout of commanders and the battle cry.
The gospel song “O Happy Day” by the Edwin Hawkins Singers also features prominently at the conclusion of the movie.
The film stars Diane Lane as Secretariat’s owner, Penny Chenery (Tweedy), John Malkovich as Secretariat’s trainer, Lucien Laurin, Dylan Walsh as John Tweedy, Scott Glenn as Christopher Chenery, and Nashville’s Fred Dalton Thompson as Bull Hancock.
“Secretariat” is an inspirational true story of a foal won in a coin toss and a housewife who takes over her sick father’s racing stables in the male-dominated world of horse racing. The family-friendly Disney movie released January 25, 2011. More at Disney’s Secretariat releases to blu-ray & DVD January 25 – movie review
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