Scott Brookins Ministers to Central & Eastern Europe

Scott Brookins uses
jazz music to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Central & Eastern Europe.
Scott started playing trumpet at age 6. By the time he was 18,
he was performing as a professional musician. Scott was a
professional musician in the U.S. for over 16 years performing
with various entertainers including: Glen Campbell, The
Platters, Mary Wells, George Shearing, The Mills Brothers, The
Coasters, Helen O’Connell, Buddy Greco and others. He was also
a featured soloist and lead trumpet player while serving in the
U.S. Air Force Band.
“The purpose of Scott Brookins Ministries is to worship and
celebrate Jesus Christ with music, preaching and testimony that
will inspire, uplift and impact all those who hear it,” says
Scott. “Our goal is to follow God’s leading in sharing the love
of Jesus Christ throughout Central and Eastern Europe. There is
a lot of work to be done in these countries. On average, only
about 2% of the people are Christians and many do not believe
that God actually exists. Many believers have suffered
persecution from their governments or from other religions.”

The window of opportunity is open now. God is working in these
countries. Pastors have asked Scott to come to help them
evangelize and lead people to Jesus Christ through evangelistic
concerts, workshops and teaching. And for a good reason:
“Scott’s concerts have been an uplifting, spiritual and
emotional worship experiences. I appreciate his humble
attitude… The evidence of his faith has been so genuine as he
shared past witnessing opportunities, recent missionary
endeavors and personal family stories,” comments Pastor Joel
Spiess. “The aim of any worship service is to come to a place
where the worshiper senses the presence of the Holy Spirit.
Scott was able to accomplish this in his time with us. He did
not just play songs, he ministered to us… I believe he is
called of God to this ministry and that his ministry evidences
that call by a unique anointing,” Pastor William Prouix adds.
For more information, please contact Scott Brookins Ministries
at + 420-605-339-362


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