Scene & Herd: November 1996



What a thrill-ride October 1996 was! The month was kicked off with a very suave Carman performing at Municipal Auditorium before a packed house. He sang. He danced. He preached. We particularly enjoyed his musical retrospective where the tunes remained the same but the words were changed in hits from the 50’s through the 90’s such as “Don’t Step on My Blue Suede Bible.” Only Carman could pull that off. After the show Carman exchanged his suit for denim to greet his guests at a little chips and dip thing. Yes, he shook our hand. Read it and weep, ladies.

Then we jaunted off to Knoxville to see a bevy of talent when Cindy Morgan brought Tuesday’s Child and Michael O’Brien to her hometown of Knoxville for a sweet performance at the Bijou. It was a family affair as almost 40 members of the Morgan clan plus assorted high school teachers and friends welcomed her with open arms. We got to hang out with Linda Elias, Lesley Glassford, and Michael some between sets. Cool!

We finished off our events for October going to see Israel do a few songs with Chris Rodriguez at Warner Alliance. They had a nice turnout and a yummy six-foot-sub. Now we are going for a walk in Edwin Warner to enjoy the beautiful end-of October colors. Enjoy the autumn – and don’t forget to vote!


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