Saltshaker offers PARADOX – The Hunt

Smyrna, Tennessee-based Saltshaker Drama Troupe, offers “PARADOX – The Hunt,” for its spring production. The original comedy/drama, which features a cast of 40+ actors, was based on characters and situations created by The Writers Ink, a teen creative writing group facilitated by well-known local playwright/author, Paula K. Parker.
The two-act play explores what happens when a local church youth group is chosen to beta-test a new interactive game called PARADOX, culminating in a scavenger/treasure hunt. The incentive? $1000 in cash! Who will win? The identical triplets, who look nothing alike? The Trekkies or the Ringers? Or will the Killer Bees solve the puzzle and claim the treasure for themselves. In the end there can be only one winner. Or can there? That’s just one paradox.
The Writers Ink, the seven-member, teen creative writing group responsible for creating and developing the characters and plot for PARADOX – The Hunt, meets regularly under the mentorship of Mrs. Parker, who also directs the play. “These are exceptionally talented young writers who are loaded with creativity,” Mrs. Parker says of the group. “My challenge is to keep them on track.” The group, based loosely on the famous Inklings group that included CS Lewis and JRR Tolken, is currently hard at work on their latest endeavor, a supernatural thriller novel, tentatively titled “Shadows from the Deep.”
“PARADOX – The Hunt” plays June 7 & 8, with all performances at 7:00 pm. Admission is free and childcare is provided. For information please call (615) 459-3421.
Saltshaker Drama Troupe is a ministry of Smyrna Assembly Church, Smyrna, Tennessee.


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