Royal Temple Releases Self-Titled Debut

San Diego Latin Hip-Hop duo, Royal Temple, releases their self-titled debut on Rescue/Flying Leap Records. With all songs written and produced by Royal Temple the project cannot be contained by one genre, being a mixture of Latin Hip-Hop, Caribbean, Salsa, New York City and East LA Funk all laced with traditional sounds, presenting an energetic and blatant testimony of faith. Fans of Rescue Records (POD, Unity Klan) will welcome the album by Royal Temple, whose members include Jaz Alarcon and D.G. Guzman. Former gang members with remarkable conversion experiences, Jaz and D.G. are now intent on reclaiming the streets for Jesus Christ.
“God has definitely given us a tool in the hood to win ‘em by the masses!” DG states. “This isn’t just about the hoods of San Diego or LA, but about the streets where every kid lives. Black, white, Latino, Asian or whatever, we’re in it to win souls and that’s just the bottom line! We’re not entertainers, we’re ministers of the Gospel of Christ.”
“Musically, Royal Temple has a great combination of styles with cross-promotional appeal,” comments Linda Kowatch, Marketing Director for Flying Leap Records. “Fans of Hip-Hop, Dance, Latin and Pop will all be attracted to Royal Temple’s music. Moreover, Jaz and DG have stories of spiritual redemption and a passion for this generation that is infectious.”
From the declaration of “Toda Via (Still the Same)” to “Baila (Dance)” to “Sabor (Flavor)”, Royal Temple is declaring the truth of the character of God and celebrating the faith. The opening song, Como David (Like David), reveals Royal Temple’s desire to praise God like David did, wholeheartedly. The highly danceable “Ooh Ah!” declares “we are more than conquerors,” while “Worldwide (You Feel Me)” expresses Royal Temple’s desire to sing the undeniable song of Christ to all corners of the world. “From different dialects, cultures and races – you feel it!” Jaz explains.
Royal Temple is available now in stores through Butterfly International Distribution.


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