Rivertribe in India, US

Rivertribe’s music takes listeners on a journey to places only conceived in the imagination. Now Rivertribe’s music is taking the group to places they never imagined. Places like India. Mike Lane reports on day three of the group’s Indian tour.
“It’s raining this morning, raining like I’ve never seen. Not even Tennessee rain can beat this,” he says.
“The streets are awash with muddy flood waters, canals and drains swelled to overflowing. We’re away early for the five-hour bus ride to Chennai, a city of 6.5 million people.

“The highway is treacherous, potholed and chaotic. It’s an obstacle course of ramshackle buses, trucks and the ever present pedestrian traffic, walking way-too-close to the passing parade.
“The five-hour trip took nine hours, covering a distance of about 190 miles.
“I’ve never had so many near-death experiences! Overtaking in the face of oncoming trucks is a national past-time.
“This evening we play at the largest AOG church in India. We’re looking forward to meeting new people and sharing our music,” Mike concludes.
After ten days in India, Rivertribe will perform a three-week stint at Disney World in Florida next month before returning to Australia for the National Gospel Happening in Canberra 21-23 November.


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