Riverdance 2001– The Show

Riverdance – The Show may possibly be this reviewer’s worst nightmare. Don’t get me wrong; even after nearly seven years, Riverdance is still one of the most amazing and entertaining productions I have ever had the good fortune to witness. The problem is, it’s so darn good that words would only detract from it.
Okay, go ahead and snicker behind your hand. I know you are thinking about every Riverdance parody you have ever seen on SNL or Third Rock. Now get over it.
Riverdance –The Show rocks! From the haunting strains of the uilleann pipes, to the dueling duet of fiddle and bodhran, every moment was filled with rhythm. From the eerily soothing, Celtic folk songs, to the brash, Bolshevik strutting of the Moscow Folk Ballet Company, every moment was filled with joy. >From the orchestra to the soloists, every moment was calculated to entertain. Oh, and did I forget to mention the Riverdance Irish Dance Troupe?
Explosive! Remarkable! They were so darn good that…well, you know.
While the “next big thing” comes and goes with surprising regularity, there are a few things that are of greater value; that tap into a deeper well of our subconscious; that create a sense of belonging, of community, of family. Riverdance – The Show belongs to the latter category. It easily bridges the gap between young and old, male and female, black and white (and brown and red and yellow). For it is a show that celebrates life, with all its trials and tribulations, with all its joys and triumphs, with all its mystery and faith. And it says it best without speaking a word.
Riverdance – The Show plays at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center June 12-17, 2001.
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