Right From The Heart: The ABCs of Reality In America

Talk radio host, Phil Valentine believes too many books regarding the subject of conservatism are long on rhetoric and short on facts. Written to delineate the conservative philosophy in a reader-friendly format, Right From The Heart: The ABCs of Reality In America (Cumberland House, $24.95), takes the salient issues of our time and distills them down to superfluous-free arguments. All of the perennial issues are covered: welfare, guns, God & government, AIDS, education, immigration, personal responsibility and so much more.
Each topic stands alone in its own chapter, which provides an easy reference source of information to support the issues. Conservatives will find this book extremely advantageous as ammunition in their arguments. Those who do not think of themselves as conservatives will be enlightened with the unadulterated truth. Once exposed to that truth, it will be extremely difficult to ever think the same way again.
The world is a much more dangerous place than it used to be. It is not only dangerous on the terrorist and crime front, but in the fact that people are fighting for the right to influence the
young and impressionable minds of our children. Until now, conservative issues and values have not been clearly presented and defined. Phil Valentine not only explains significant, pertinent topics, but documents each topic with information justifying the conservative vantage point.
About the Author
Phil Valentine, a professed Christian, is the popular radio talk-show host of The Phil Valentine Show on WLAC in Nashville, Tennessee, the top-rated show in the mid-South. He was also a former award-winning talk show host in Philadelphia. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee.
Right From the Heart by Phil Valentine
$24.95, Hardcover
ISBN: 1-58182-354-1
Publication Date: September 2003
Book Signings
* Davis-Kidd, Green Hills in Nashville – September 4, 2003 – 6:00PM – Call to pre-order your book and save your place in line – 615-385-2645
* Barnes & Noble at Opry Mills in Nashville – September 6, 2003 – 2:00PM
* Barnes & Noble at Cool Springs in Brentwood, TN – September 9, 2003 – 7:00PM – The Phil Valentine Birthday Bash
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