I was glancing through an older newspaper a few days ago and I came across an advice column where the question involved a woman who had her body surgically altered and took hormones in an attempt to become a man. The question concerned a family scrapbook, and whether it was OK to keep photos of the woman as a little girl. The advice completely revolved around the woman who had the surgery. What did “he” want? How would “he” feel? The rest of the family’s concerns and what they should tell their children were simply not important considerations. At the same time, provocative promotional materials have been flooding my TV and magazines at the checkout counter about Thomas Beattie, the former model who chose to mar the beauty with which God graced her, having her body surgically altered, taking hormones, so that she now looks like a man, well at least, sort of. She became pregnant – she IS a woman on the inside, after all, but now Barbara Walters is touting her next interview with the “pregnant man” as Oprah did before her. One tabloid loudly mourned the cruel family who did not support Thomas in “his” new life as a “pregnant man.” After all, the concerns of the family are not important.So, when did it become appropriate for the desires of one family member to become more important than the rest of the family? The family that spent 18, 20, 24, or 30 years with a young person is now expected to change EVERYTHING to accommodate the desires of that one person to become something he or she was not intended to be. The rest of the family is now expected by our brain-washed PC culture to embrace the change, and consequently change their photo albums, their scrapbooks, their personal pronouns, and their parenting to accommodate the perverse desires of one person. If the family does not jump through the obligatory PC hoops, why, they are “intolerant,” of course!We live in a selfish society, where the ***I*** wants, **I*** needs, and **I*** feels have taken ridiculous turns, and it seems like the more ridiculous the situation, the more the family and society are DEMANDED to be supportive, tolerant, and accepting. Right and wrong, spiritual and religious values, family and cultural traditions are no longer recognized as having any merit. In our brave new world, the special interest groups and personal desires trump what’s best for the family… and our society. It’s no longer a question of “if” we accept this. Be absolutely clear on this — we have ALREADY accepted it. I work part-time for a well-known, national, retail company that sends out brochures like clockwork on tolerance in the workplace in which we are mandated to allow men dressed like women to enter the women’s restrooms and vice versa. We are not to question or look askance at co-workers who exhibit disturbing gender issues. Male co-workers have demonstrated physical affection for each other in front of co-workers and customers and not been called on it. Male co-workers have shown nude photos of their boyfriends to unsuspecting female co-workers IN FRONT OF MANAGEMENT and not been called on it. Flirty female co-workers have brought tapes of “Sex and the City” into work so they can watch the lesbian episodes in a stock room as they laugh about their lesbian sex-capades and not been called on it. Heaven forbid you speak out about any of it or YOU will be the one written up or even fired — for intolerance. Oh, and by the way — this same company would not let employees say “Merry Christmas” a couple of years back.

We cater to the few in the “special interest” groups to such a degree that we have become blindly intolerant to traditional views. Why is it that special interest groups can picket and protest religious organizations and they are exercising “free speech,” but if we picket or protest any one of the special interest groups, we are promoting “hate speak?”The rest of us are expected to change our values to embrace what was recognized to be abnormal, wrong, and perverted only a few decades ago, and we are branded “intolerant” if we don’t go along with it. Talk about reverse-intolerance! Christians and conservatives have no right to disagree or speak out…or even say “Merry Christmas!”Yes, the desires and demands of those who can’t control their urges now supersede the rights of those of us who try to live by Christian or traditional family values. The definition for normal has been redefined, and traditional family values have been vilified. We have accepted this. We have let ourselves be bullied, brainwashed and silenced. And now that we have rolled over and accepted this, what is NEXT? Rest assured — it won’t be good.

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