Return of Bibleman

Donning a new, platinum superhero suit, Bibleman returns on October 22, 2002, with the release of Jesus Our
Savior, the latest episode in the platinum-selling Bibleman video series.
Hitting stores nationwide through Crossroads and CNI Distribution on October 22, 2002, Jesus Our Savior will release on VHS format
at a suggested retail price of $12.99, and on DVD at $14.99.
“I look forward to the release of Jesus Our Savior,” says Mark Beyer, Sr. Buyer of Bibles & Children’s Product for Family Christian
Stores. “It promises to be another strong ministry product for children. We anticipate this being one of the key releases for the
Christmas season.”
Having defeated long-time villain Luxor Spawndroth, Jesus Our Savior finds Bibleman fighting against a new enemy—Primordious
Drool, Intergalactic Desperado and Despot of Evil. Joining him in the battle are his faithful sidekick Cypher and Biblegirl, as Bibleman
faces his toughest battle yet.
Drool knows he cannot win against Bibleman on his own, and has a sinister plan to fight the superhero—he intends to make
Bibleman fight against himself. Wrecking havoc in the city of Andersonville, he drives the citizens to trust in Bibleman instead of God.
Bibleman faces the angry townspeople as he must help them understand that they cannot look to him as a superhero to save
them—they must look to God, for only God can answer their prayers.
With a surprise cliffhanger ending that has Bibleman considering sealing off the laboratory and Biblecave and forever sealing off its
secrets, Jesus Our Savior is the latest in the successful Bibleman video and DVD series that has found each of the previous 11 titles
certified platinum by the IRMA (International Recording Media Association).

“Bibleman is stronger than ever. We’ve completely retooled the episodes with a brand new villain, an updated suit and a very
pointed message,” says Willie Aames, star and executive producer of Bibleman, as well as executive vice-president of Pamplin
Entertainment. “The tougher things get for the ministry, the more Jesus I give our audience, and God has honored that. We’ve seen
more kids come to Christ this year through the videos as well as the tour than any year to date. I really believe Jesus Our Savior will
be the best ever.”

Aames has been constantly on the road with the 2002 Bibleman Live Tour, appearing across the country at churches, fairs and
events for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Luis Palau Crusades and the 25th Anniversary of Focus on the Family, among
others. In addition, Aames will be featured this fall on VH-1 as well as on CNN about his portrayal of the role of Bibleman, both on
screen and stage.

Debuting in 1996, Bibleman has grown to be one of the most successful Christian-based children’s video series available today,
selling well over 1 million units. As well as video and DVD, the Bibleman line also includes Bibles, journals, costumes, action figures,
partyware, T-shirts and other ancillary products.


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