Rebecca St. James Performs at Sam’s Place



The winsome daughter of an Australian music promoter, Rebecca St. James grew up in a
home where hearing and singing Christian music was natural, as was touring with
top-name acts. At age 13 she was invited to join a Christian rock band. She recorded for
the first time with that band and in 1991 did a solo praise and worship album. This led to a
tour in Australia opening for Carman.
When her family moved to the United States, Eddie DeGarmo heard Rebecca sing in
church near Nashville and took notice. This eventually landed her a recording contract with
ForeFront. Hard to believe all this could happen in just four short years.
“I think I’ve known since I was little that I could possibly do this, but it hasn’t been a
dream,” says Rebecca. “I want to marry and be a mother.”
The oldest of seven children, Rebecca places great emphasis on family life. “I enjoy being
part of a big family, and I want that to be an important part of my life, too.”
At the center of Rebecca’s work is her devotion to God and to reaching her peers. “I want
to minister and do what God wants me to do. I’ve just handed my future over to Him. What
God is teaching me and wants me to challenge and encourage others on is to be a servant
of God, to serve others and to be strong in our convictions.”
Rebecca sums up her message to her fellow teens; “He wants us to stand up even when no
one else is standing. In this generation with so many people bowing to what the world
says, we have the chance to stand with our hands raised in joy and surrender. It is so
With her music career just taking off amid acclaim and excitement surrounding her
self-titled debut, Rebecca’s aspiration are simple and not yet completely defined. “I really
don’t know the ministry He has for me, but it’s a great adventure when it is in God’s
Rebecca St. James performed in concert at Nashville’s historic Sam’s Place, August 6, at
7:30 PM, hosted by Gary Chapman.



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