Re-Creation: Entertainment with a Message

Hugh Brooks, the founder of the group Re-Creation, was an instructor at the Pennsylvania State University in 1976 when he realized that very few institutions have opportunity to benefit from the therapeutic value of live
professional entertainment. Concerned, he organized Re-Creation to offer this service to state centers, prisons, hospitals, nursing homes, and other
care facilities.
Entertainers were enlisted, and Re-Creation immediately began institutional performances in Pennsylvania. Within a very short time Re-Creation was asked to tour for the USO, and Veterans Affairs Medical Centers were added to the schedule.
In 1982, the USO discontinued its national entertainment to hospitalized veterans. They would continue, of course, to provide many program, but there would no longer be a nation-wide, coordinated effort to all the VA Medical Centers. Re-Creation assumed that responsibility in 1983, and since then has attempted to raise necessary funding and present shows for Medical Centers nation-wide. Re-Creation now presents more than 150 shows yearly in VA Medical Centers in all 48 of the contiguous United States.
The young people in Re-Creation are not paid for their
service. They give up at least a year of their lives to travel the country entertaining the men and women in our VA Medical
Re-Creation provides more than 320 shows annually in 49 of the United States. Re-Creation’s 28th edition presents “TONES – A Colorful Celebration of Song” – canvassing the great eras in
American music.
Re-Creation’s sacred program “SOVEREIGN” is an hour-long musical study of God’s infinite power, wisdom, compassion,
conviction, and call on our lives through prayer, example and Scripture.
(From our archives, 2/25/03)
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