Random Thoughts of Thankfulness




Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! We sure did. We worked day and night trying to get the house ready for company. Throughout Thanksgiving day I was thinking of things I was thankful for and I thought I would share some of them with you. They aren�t particularly deep and if I were to make a list these would most likely not be at the top of it. These would best be classified as �
Random Thoughts of Thankfulness
1. I�m thankful that I live close to a Super Target store.
2. I�m thankful that I pass a pasture with longhorns, a red barn, a pond and a big tree on my way to the Interstate.
3. I�m thankful that Clancy gives me no less than twenty-five kisses a day.
4. I�m thankful that Haven still sits in my lap.
5. I�m thankful that Tucker enjoys staying up late talking to me.
6. I�m thankful that I get to spend all day, everyday, with my husband � and I enjoy it.
7. I�m thankful that I�ve sinned greatly because I know and love mercy.
8. I�m thankful for days with nothing to do.
9. I�m thankful for unlimited long distance so I can talk to my mother five times a day.
10. I�m thankful that my Nanny is still alive.
11. I�m thankful for mornings that begin with a hot cup of coffee and a Beth Moore Bible study.
12. I�m thankful for long plane rides with a good book.
13. I�m thankful for Sunday afternoon naps.
14. I�m thankful for the Internet.
15. I�m thankful for homeschooling.
16. I�m thankful that in Heaven I�ll have time to play golf, plant a garden, get up-to-date with my scrapbooks, bake, snow ski, read all the books I�ve bought, sew clothes for my kids, quilt with my mother and grandmother, learn to play the piano, and spend time with all my friends.
17. I�m thankful for knowing how to rest in God.
18. I�m thankful for stimulating conversation.
19. I�m thankful for the way the day smells first thing in the morning.
20. I�m thankful that I know to Whom I should direct my grateful heart.
I sure hope your Thanksgiving celebration was as good as mine and that the meal was better!
From our archives, 12/5/3
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