Quarter Moon Music Group Performs at the Bluebird

Five members of the Quarter Moon Music Group, a working group of seven local songwriters, performed “in the round” at the famous Bluebird Cafe in Green Hills on September 21st.

It was an evening of music, variety and a few tall tales when Andy Paxton, Mark Sorrells, Ronda Businda, Crockett Frizzell, Mark McCord and Don Dendy took the stage. Each artist/songwriter took turns sharing their music, often in collaboration with one another.

This group of talented artists held little back during the 90 minute performance to a packed house. They even brought their sound person, Becky Hanover, up to share a song about a topic that is near and dear to her heart, child abuse.

A few of the evening’s notable highlights included Don Dendy’s soulful worship pieces and Mark Sorrells’ “Grandpa’s Song, The Best Part of Who I Am” composed with the help of local songwriter Jim Weber. The Quarter Moon Music Group boasts more than one member who has already had songs published, recorded and performed, and I am sure we will be hearing good things from these talented songwriters again in the future.


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