Prayers Needed

Dear Brother and Sisters,
Yesterday afternoon, we here at Tooth & Nail received some tragic news. If any of you had the opportunity to talk to either Jared or Milam concerning their brother, you know they regarded Josh with the highest esteem. They were truly in awe of his passion for his calling to service, and their eyes would light up with delight at the mere mention of his name. In fact, the night previous to his death, they talked to the art staff here about dedicating their upcoming album to their brother, complete with a photo of him in the Middle East. The timing couldn’t have been more shocking. Please read below for further details in the message from the Bleach family. We ask you to pray for the hearts of the family left behind, that they might find comfort amidst their grieving and hope in a trying time. If you would like to send a personal message to the family, feel free to email me here and I will be sure to deliver it on to the band.
Thank you, and God Bless,
Tooth & Nail / BEC Records.
Hey guys,
Many of you already have heard the news, but for those of you that haven’t,
Josh Byers (Jared and Milam’s older brother ) was killed Tuesday serving our
country in Iraq. Josh was a unit leader in the Fox Troop and was on the
front lines doing some amazing things for our country. This is obviously
the toughest thing that they have ever gone through.
The other three in the band have decided to continue through the summer
doing a more intimate acoustic type of show in honor of Josh. Josh was a
HUGE support/fan/encouragement to the band and we know that he would be mad
if the guys didn’t continue their calling while their brothers spend time
with family. Josh gave his life for his God and his country, the least we
can do is to push forward with this ministry and hopefully influence kids
one tenth the way that Josh has influenced us.

Many people have contacted us wanting to know what they can do to help. I
spoke at length with Jared today and they really NEED your prayers more than
anything else. PLEASE pray for them, Lloyd and Mary (parents) and Kim,
Josh’s wife as much as you can.
The Bleach Family
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