Prayers for Tammy Trent

On Monday Sept. 10 Trent, Tammy Trent’s husband died. Trent’s father was able to get on a plane on the 11th before the whole NY incident took place bt Tammy was unable to fly home due to the closing of the local airports.
This statement was posted on her website at:tammytrent
“I have very sad news to report. Tammy’s husband, Trent, was involved in a diving accident during the missions trip to Jamaica. He went diving, but never returned. After about 15 hours of the search crew looking for him, he was found…but he had gone on to Heaven. I am in shock…as many people are. Please spread the word so that as many people as possible can be praying for Tammy and their families and friends. Tammy needs us now… Pray that God will give her an abundance of strength…Heavenly Strength…to get through these next hours, days, and months that she has ahead of her. Also be praying that she will be able to get the rest that she needs in order to get through the days ahead. THANK YOU!!
In lieu of flowers, the family will be setting up a fund for donations. More information about this will be posted soon.
If you would like to send cards and your condolences to Tammy and the Lenderink family (Trent’s family), you can send them to:
1271 House St.
Belmont, MI 49306
Fax #: (616) 887-7910
9/11/01 Lisa Bevill just forwarded us this update on Tammy Trent’s husband:
Hi Everyone,
I just talked to Stacey Wilbur at Sparrow/EMI..and they said that they found
Trent’s body this morning. Don’t know specifics..but he has died. Tammy is
basically all alone..her family is not able to get to her and she can’t get
out because of the attacks today on New York.
Please pray for Tammy and her family…lisa
Earlier post (“Prayers for Tammy Trent’s Husband”):
Hi! I’m writing to everyone I know in the music business…so that you guys can pass this on to other people who would know Tammy and Trent:
“You all know I’m Tammy Trent’s webmaster. And I’ve been able to get to know her and her husband Trent over this past year. Well, they are down in Jamaica on a missions trip right now. Trent is a diver…and he went out diving yesterday…but he hasn’t come back. He’s been missing for about 15 hours. They have a search party out looking for him. Trent’s dad is down there. But none of Tammy’s family can get down there since no one is allowed to fly anywhere right now. Just really be praying for Tammy and Trent and their families right now. Pray that God will protect Trent wherever he is and that he will be found soon. Tammy and Trent Lenderink are their actual names…

So, please everybody be praying…”
By His Grace,


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