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Their rise in Christian music was unparalleled, taking off at unprecedented speed. Fifteen consecutive #1 radio singles, three gold records certified with 12 months, high-profile televisions appearances, a major book deal with Pocket Books, consistent Billboard charting action and Grammy and Dove Award accolades. (Plus five Dove nominations this year, including Group and Artist of the Year.) Yet, for all the attention and excitement surrounding Point of Grace, the group has unashamedly remained wholehearted steady – steady in their music, their lives and their faith. Exemplified by their current project Steady On, Point of Grace has never slowed down, and has never looked back. It’s that dedication, making the most of the talents and opportunities they’ve been given, that has resulted in one of the most highly profiled track records of any group, in or outside the Christian music arena.
Throughout their record breaking run of number one singles with their family values “pop” and sold out concerts from coast to coast in their short five year career, Point of Grace has indeed proven themselves as one of the most popular and inspiring arrivals in contemporary Christian music, the fastest growing form of music in America today.
With over 1.5 million records sold, a Grammy nomination and an extraordinary sweep of Dove Awards and nominations for Group of the Year, Artist of the Year, Pop Album of the Year, Pop Song of the Year, Special Event Album of the Year, and consistent chart action, the group’s impact extends far beyond charts and numbers. The integrity and authenticity of these four young women has touched a common chord with audiences across the country and around the world, setting a standard as America’s role models in today’s society. Simply put, Heather Floyd, Denise Jones, Shelley Breen and Terry Jones have an outspoken quality and genuine connection that shines through their music and is the ministry of Point of Grace.
Despite their “squeaky clean”, image, these four girls sometimes struggle with life. Shelley talks about a turning point in her spiritual journey; the move to Nashville to record Point of Grace’s first album. “It was the first time I was really on my own, apart from my parents. Suddenly, the things my parents and my preacher had told me weren’t enough. I had to ask myself what I believed and why.”
Heather says the success of POG has been amazing and humbling. “We get letters all the time from people telling us how much our music’s touched them. That’s when I realized our ministry and success are way beyond us. We’re just four girls who like to sing and got together, and God has somehow blessed us. He’s the one – not us – making the impact on others.”
Denise explains how their relationships works: “God helps us get along as well as we do. Also, we all grew up with sisters. Not one of us has any brothers. So we’re used to sharing and being around females all the time.”
“There isn’t a secret. We have very different personalities, but we’re all like-minded. For the first two and a half years, we never had an argument – not once,” continues Heather. “But then we moved to Nashville and had to make some big decisions. We discovered it’s hard to get everyone in a group to agree. But we know we were put together for a reason, that God’s bigger than whatever we’re arguing about.”
Having spent the last six years together officially as Point of Grace, and at least ten years prior just as friends making music, these girls have found that their greatest strength is in their bonds together. “We are very much like sisters,” Terry says simply.
Point of Grace appears in Chattanooga on February 25 and as part of the Outrageous Joy seminars coming to Memphis, in April, Orlando in June, Atlanta in July, and Richmond in October.

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