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Christian Poet’s Pen has gone through many changes since its humble beginnings as a photocopied bi-monthly newsletter in the early 90’s. Now a part of the Christian Activities website, Christian Poet’s Pen is accepting poetry submissions for publication on the Poet’s Pen page on the Christian Activities website.
We accept poems of 24 lines or less on any Christian theme. Lines must not by more than ten syllables long as long lines do not format well. We reserve the right to edit or decline any poem as we see fit.
Poems must be the original work of the submitting author and must not be a close copy of any other work. Submitting your poem to Christian Poet’s Pen verifies it is your original work and grants us permission to run it in future electronic and/or print forms. Poets keep the copyright to their poetry.
Poems of 24 lines or less should be emailed, included in the body/text of the email (no attachments, to PoetsPen@ChristianActivities.com. No more than three poems should be emailed in one month. There is no fee to enter an emailed poem.
Poems may also be mailed in to Christian Poet’s Pen, PO Box 210182, Nashville, TN 37221-0182, but there is a $1 reading/handling fee per poem on all poems mailed in. Poems mailed in without $1 per poem will be discarded. No more than three poems should be submitted in one month.
We do not send acceptance letters, reviews, or other correspondence. If poems are emailed we do try to send a reply email if we run the poem.
Christian poets are invited to join the Christian Poets Pen blog, a place for Christian poets to post their original poetry and discuss Christian poetry as well as share information about contests and publications open to publishing poems by Christian poets. You will need to register to use the Christian Poets Pen blog.
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If you have a poem to share, please email it to us and make sure it is your original work and that you give us permission to run it when you email it.

E-mail: Poet’s Pen
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