Poems by Wayne Irwin




Do You Really Believe?
There once was a champion tight-wire walker, practicing over large waterfalls.
A young man had been watching and cheering for him all morning, when the wirewalker got a wheel barrel to push across the falls on the wire. He asked the young man, “Do you think I can make it across with this wheel barrel?” The
young man indignantly answered, “Yes, I know you can!” The man asked him, “Are you sure?” “Absolutely I’m sure”, answered the young man! O.K. said the
man, “Get in!”

We claim that we have faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, but do we really believe?
Do we have the kind of faith that would allow us to get in, or ourselves, we deceive?
I believe that I do, but I’ll really never know until I’m tested, and what may that be?
Does your life have to be on the line to find out, or is there a simpler way to see?
We make choices every day without thinking, that could determine if we live or die, crossing a street while driving our car, taking a bus or deciding to fly.
Stepping out in faith into an unknown realm, stepping out in faith for the Lord,
sometimes involves the risk of ones life, financial ruin, or eternal reward.
Having the faith to put it all on the line for our Father that reigns from above,
with the trust in Him, to do what ever He asks, or asks us to go, all for His love.
That’s what I mean, when I say “Will you get in the wheel barrel for the Lord?”
That is what I’m trying to learn before He calls me home, a goal I’m working toward.
It’s the Bottom of the Ninth
Bases are loaded, there are two out, and you’re down four to one.
Satan’s in a battle for your soul, this game is no longer any fun.
With God as your coach, you pick up your bat, and humbly reach the plate.
Satan’s had your number all day, he’s nearly got your soul, is this your fate?
Just as you dig into the batter�s box, God calls you back to the bench.
He looked down at me and said, ï’m sorry, but you need help, you’re in a pinch. �
He told the umpire, I’m making a substitution, I’m putting in number one”
I felt hurt until I saw who was coming up to bat; it was none other than God’s Son!
“Wow,” I thought when they made the announcement,”How lucky can I be?”
“I have the Savior of all mankind, Jesus Christ the Lord, standing in for me!”
As Jesus took the bat, and stood ready to take the best that Satan had,
I looked over and saw the concern on Godï’s face, the concern of a loving Dad.
At that moment, I realized my eternal soul was resting in my Savior�s hand.
I remembered, when God cast Satan out of Heaven, He was second in command.
At that exact moment, I realized this is what all our lives on earth is all about.
I have never felt more secure in my life; Jesus can handle this guy, without a doubt.
I sat and watched as if that turn at bat was like a rerun, inside of my head.
The count was full, when Satan reared back and released a streak of solid red!
Jesus timed Satan�s pitch as if it were a big yellow pumpkin, sitting on a tee.
He smashed the ball so hard, I�ve never seen anything like it, it was a sight to see.
It wouldn�t surprise me if the ball left the earth; it was hit so very hard.
I do know for sure, we won the game five to four, when that ball left that yard.
Jesus rounded the bases, came over to the dugout and shook hands with me.
He looked me in the eye and said, “in My Father’s hand is where you’ll be.”

Luke 15-7
“Just so, I tell you, there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous people who need no repentance.”

We are loved more than we will ever know, by Jesus, God, and all the Angels, the Bible tells us so.

Through repentance, we can return this awesome love; we will glorify our Lord and all His Angels in heaven above.

If one of His beloved sheep should go astray, He will leave the other ninety-nine to find the lost soul, come what may.

When He finds the lost sheep that wandered off on its’ own, our Lord lovingly picks it up, places it on His shoulders, and takes it home.

We are so loved by our Father, He shows it each and every day, in nearly everything we see, and we are blessed in every way.

He placed the sun in the sky, to warm and light our way, and sends showers from the heavens for our crops, and the water we use each day .

From all the beauty of this earth, to all the stars up in the sky,
He’s provided everything we need, from our birth until the time we die.

To return our love to our loving Father , all we need to do is to say, “I accept you as my Lord and Savior, and will follow You, until my dying day.”,

“For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord.”
What a wonderful offer to you and me, by our Lord Jesus Christ, and its waiting as a gift that is free.
Offered, straight from almighty God above, and its offered to us with his overwhelming, pure love.
When God saw that Abraham was prepared to sacrifice Isaac to his Father above, God stopped the sacrifice, because to God, Abraham proved his love.
But God followed through with His sacrifice of Christ’s life for you and I, and on the old rugged cross, for all of our sins, let his Son Jesus Christ die.
What love for us, did our wonderful Father display, to allow His only Son to be tortured, beaten and crucified, in such a horrible way.
But God continues to shower His blessings on all the children of this earth, and with open arms, waits for us, from the time of our birth.
We are so blessed through sanctification from our wonderful Father above, with the free gift of life through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, because of Gods love.

Giants in Our Lives
As David placed the rock in his slingshot and began to spin it around,
Goliath was mocking David, when he went crashing to the ground.
David knew that God was more powerful than Goliath and all his men,
he also knew God was on his side, and Goliath couldn’t win.
When David went to fight Goliath, he didn’t go alone;
he had God’s most trusted Angel that handed him the Goliath stone.
God never will desert us; He has His angels standing near,
they watch over and protect us and we never have to fear.
We all have giants in our lives; we have to face them every day,
they may not be nine foot Philistines, but they’re mocking us the same way.
These giants come in all shapes and sizes, and all have a different name,
it may be smoking, drugs or alcohol, but your destruction is their game.
Your giant may be gambling, or how about jealousy,
no matter what his name is, your destruction is the key.
So its time for us to identify our giants, and against them take a stand,
we must lean on God for guidance, and be victorious with Him in command.
He will help us slay our giants, we won’t have to face them all alone,
He might send His most trusted angel that handed David the Goliath stone.
Live Today
If you have a void in your life, and you know that you’re a sinner,
with Jesus Christ to fill that void, you absolutely are a winner.
When things are always wrong, and you feel that you can’t win,
then it’s time for you to make a change, and turn away from sin.
It’s not an easy thing to do; bad habits are very hard to break,
but by admitting you’re a sinner and accepting Jesus Christ, is the best choice you can make.
Because of His love for us, on the cross, Christ died for you and me, then rose from the grave, and went to prepare a place for us, where for eternity we will be.
If you read the Bible every day, you begin to understand God’s will, you begin a walk with Jesus Christ, where life presents no greater thrill.
Through prayer and serving others, in Heaven your treasures are stored, life becomes complete, and on God’s team you are aboard.
You will read in the Holy Scriptures that this earth will pass away, so I believe to fill that void, start your walk with Jesus Christ and “LIVE TODAY”.

Your Soul
(Ref. KJV, Jn. 4 13-14, Jn.10 28-29, and Ps 56 3-4)
When you are a believer, nothing, nobody, not even Satan, can harm your soul,
If you are not now walking with God, getting to know Him should be your goal.
People can be unfair; friends desert us, but let me make this one thing very clear,
knowing God intimately will drive away loneliness, doubt and even fear.
Jesus said, “I gave unto them eternal life, and they shall never perish, neither shall man pluck them from My hand.” These words were spoken by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. On this one promise alone, I can take my stand!
When I learned how much that we were loved by God, I finally began to see,
He loved us all so very much; He sacrificed His only Son to die for you and me.
I believe that I am a Christian, and am trying to do what the Lord wants me to,
if I was told to sacrifice my only son to save the world, that’s one thing I couldn’t do.
But that shows us how much God loves us, and He has promised eternal life.
After death our soul goes on living, for eternity with God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ.
What a wonderful, merciful, loving God I have, that has given this promise to me,
by accepting His Son as my Lord and Savior, eternal life is the reward, you see.
The Final Exam
As an old man, I look back on my life; there is so much I want to share,
with my children and grandchildren, because soon they will be here.
As I see them turn into adults and then young ladies or young men,
I would like to build a wall around them to protect them, but that would be a real sin.
Like our Father lets us make mistakes, and sometimes do what’s wrong,
by doing so, we slowly learn, and that’s what makes us strong.
When we make mistakes, things go wrong, we learn to take the blame,
by not blaming others, we stand up and admit it, we learn and aren’t ashamed.
I hated to see my kids do something that might harm them or get them hurt,
but parents have to learn, to trust their kids, and for real danger stay alert.
Like parents watching over their kids, our Lord is watching over you and me.
just like a loving parent, He doesn’t want us to get hurt or do wrong, you see.
Growing up is called a learning process that we all go through, I guess,
it prepares us for our adult life, of which we all hope we pass the final test.
The One that grades our final exam, knows all that we’ve done since birth,
He is none other than Almighty God, Who put us all here on this earth.
This final exam is one exam that not a one of us can afford to fail.
The consequences for failing this exam are far more severe than jail.
Life’s final exam takes place before Almighty God, for our very soul,
we must understand God wants us all, and Heaven should be our goal.
Even though God loves and wants us, the only way to Him is through His Son,
by believing in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, this battle has been won.
Once you give your soul to God, in His hand your soul will always be.
On judgment day you’ll go home with Him and dwell in Glory for eternity.

Poems by Wayne Irwin
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