Poems by Maria Burrows

They glide on wings
Like wind through the trees.
Their presence in felt
By those who believe.
They follow and guide you
As you journey through each day.
They help you to see
Mistakes you make along the way.
So soft and all glowing
With their Celestial love flowing.
For all those who know
Angels are with you wherever you go.
So if your feeling bad,
And you hear a whisper in the air,
Then an angel is nearby
Telling you – don’t despair.
Ask your angel
To forever guide you
On your journey through life
And always stay beside you.
Walk with me, talk with me,
Show me you care.
I need to know that
You’ll always be there.
I am so lost
That I cannot see
The light you are shining
Right in front of me.
What will it take
For me to believe
How good I am
And what I can achieve.
The path seems so dark
And bumpy with stones.
You say that you’re with me,
But I still feel alone.
You say don’t give up,
That I must rise above.
And all things are possible
With your unending love.
Pray with me, stay with me,
Help me conquer my fears.
I don’t want to continue
To waste any more years.
Maria Burrows
Largo, Fl.


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