Plus One Lands at Plymouth

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Plus One performed to a packed auditorium on May 3rd in Plymouth, Michigan. The Obvious Tour featuring not only Plus One, but
ZOEgirl, Natalie Grant, and Phat Chance stopped by Michigan during the middle of their tour. The performers had the audience on
their feet for nearly three hours.
Phat Chance performed first, starting the concert with “Sunshine Daylight” a song from their debut album, in which they played their
own instruments and wrote many of the songs. Justin, Dallas, Brandon, Brent, and Bryan had the crowd waving their arms while
singing a worship song from their home church. These five young men have gained quite a large fan following from this tour.
Grant took the stage next. She performed alongside three band members and two background singers. Grant performed songs from
her newest release, “Stronger” while also singing the worship song, “Shout to the Lord.” Her performance was packed full of high
energy dancing and powerful music.
ZOEgirl was the last of the opening acts to perform. Appearing on stage with their two dancers,
Chrissy, Alisa, and Kristin amazed the crowd with their vocals. ZOEgirl promotes an inspirational message for young girls about
self-esteem and their appearances.! Kristin wrote “Plain” about that very same message, and the three women performed that song
to a quiet audience. Rounding out their set with “I Believe” ZOEgirl not only showed the crowd the amazing gifts God has blessed
them with, but they gave the people filling the auditorium at Northridge Church an inspiring message that everyone walked away with.

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Plus One appeared behind the smoke that enveloped the stage. Starting off the show with “Camouflage,” Nathan, Nate, Jason,
Gabe, and Jeremy had the audience once again on their feet. With a mix of ballads and high energy beats, the men of Plus One
wanted the focus to be solely on the Lord Jesus Christ. Sharing their testimonies and religious histories, the audience knew that these
men walked the talk. The group proved to the audience that you can have fun and be a Christian at the same time. Performing in wild
and outrageous outfits, the group showed that they were still young men at heart.
This concert didn’t mark the first time that I have seen Plus One, but it is surely one that I will never forget. No matter how many times
you see this group, you walk away from the show feeling alive in your love for Christ. The group appeals to not only teens, from to
women and men of all ages. And, for them…I say…check out this show! It’s one you shouldn’t have missed!
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