Photo Purchase Information

All photos are © by or used with permission from another source. Photos may not be reproduced without permission.
Color reprints of photos taken by Christian Activities photographers are available by sending in the Photo Order Form . All reprints are 8 by 10 inches. Photos are usually only available to order for 30 days from the date they first appear on our site. To avoid disappointment, please email us first to inquire if a photo is available. Email inquiries to: Christian Activities.
Reprints for personal use cost $30 for each 8 X 10.

Reprints for republication cost $100.
Please allow 4 weeks for processing and shipping.
Photos used on personal websites are subject to a fee of $30, and photos published on professional websites are subject to a fee of $100 per use. Permission must be granted in writing PRIOR to any photo’s republication. We also request that no direct links to our photos be used as that is considered bandwidth theft.
We cannot make prints from media kit photos or other wire service photos appearing in
Click here for the Photo Order Form
Click here to order a photo for personal use by PayPal:

Ordering Instructions
To order photos from our website, please print out the order form and submit it along with your check or Money Order to:
Christian Activities Publications
P.O. Box 210182
Nashville, TN 37221-0182
Tennessee residents please add sales tax.
We are not responsible for photos that get lost or delayed in the mail. If you want to ensure your photos arrive safely, please inquire about additional postal insurance rates.
Click here for the Photo Order Form
Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.


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