PFR: Prayers For Return answered!

Rock favorite PFR has signed with Squint Entertainment, confirming the band’s return after they disbanded in 1997.
PFR debuted on the national scene in 1992 with the album, PRAY FOR RAIN
(Sparrow), which landed a Grammy Nomination and the Dove Award for ROCK
ALBUM OF THE YEAR. Four years and three albums later the trio had amassed
six #1 singles, including the CHR format’s #1 song of 1994, “That Kind of
Love.” At the same time PFR claimed the #2 ROCK song of the year, “Walk
Away From Love.” They then introduced the nation to the up and coming
group, Jars of Clay, who served as the opening act on 1995’s GREAT LENGTHS
TOUR. With each release PFR’s popularity increased, with their last studio
album, THEM, SoundScanning over 120,000 copies.
PFR released the following collective statement about their signing with
Squint: “We are excited and honored to be working with Squint and are
thankful for the creative freedom afforded us in the recording process.
Additionally, Joel (Hanson, guitarist) is thankful for his new found
personal freedom due largely to that nice letter Steve Taylor wrote to his
parole officer. Viva La Squint!”
The summer of 1997 brought what appeared to be PFR’s final studio session as
the band soon parted ways, pursuing individual opportunites. Three years
later the band decided to reunite as a contributor to Squint’s concept
album, ROARING LAMBS. Their song, “Kingdom Come,” was chosen as the album’s
first single and proceeded to land a Top 10 spot on Christian radio’s AC
“We’re not breaking a new band,” explained Taylor. “But we’re also not
taking anything for granted. PFR’s committed to a full slate of promotion
and touring around this new album, including a two week promo tour leading
up to the album’s release, appearances at key summer festivals, and touring
runs this fall and next spring.”
PFR reunites with producer Jimmie Lee Sloas for their Squint debut, which is
currently untitled. The album will be distributed by Word Distribution and
is set to arrive in stores in June.

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