NSOUL Records joins the Dare Dance Program

Next week marks the first of many events where NSOUL Djs will be
spinning music, giving away free music, and joining Dare Dancers in
public Middle School performances all across the Los Angeles and
Orange Counties.
In September of 1999, D.A.R.E. America hired a nation-wide director to
lead the effort to bring dance, as an athletic, creative, fun, and healthy
art form, to schools as a positive alternative to drugs and violence.
Evaluation from the pilot program proved to have highly positive results
and nearly all of the 20 schools in the pilot program continued
remained on board in Year I; the 2001 season. In addition to the
continuation schools, many new schools joined the effort, and by the
end of 2001 DARE Dance was in 45 schools in 8 cities, affecting
thousands of students. The program goal for 2002 is to reach at least
65 schools nationally with yearlong programs, including scholarships
for at least one child from each school. This goal has
been accomplished. In 2003, DARE Dance will be in 70 schools in 13
cities nationwide.
If you would like to be part of the DARE / NSOUL Alliance, email beats@nsoul.com


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