Now That Barney’s Gone



Second cousin, or maybe third,
I never was quite sure.
My high school pal and long-time friend,
For such friendships endure.
Then he became my deputy
So I could watch his back.
He had a knack for accidents
And trouble, that’s a fact.
Folks say he needed me,
But I think they are wrong.
I think I needed him…
Now my friend is gone.
Mayberry is a special place;
I love this little town.
My son and aunt live here with me,
And I have friends around.
Miss Helen Crump’s my sweetheart –
I’ve reason to be content.
But part of me’s in Raleigh now,
‘Cause that’s where Barney went.
Folks say I have it made,
And they aren’t far from wrong,
But some joy left this place
Once Barney was gone.
So I sit in the courthouse and
I do my job alone.
I’ve been through several deputies;
None seemed to quite belong.
I spend some time with Howard or Goob
At Meyer’s lake or here at home,
But nothing’s quite the way it was
Before Barney was gone.

Folks say that I have changed,
And I don’t think they’re wrong,
For nothing’s quite the same
Now that Barney’s gone.
© 2007 by Kathryn E. Darden
Nashville, TN

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