Noëlle is the tale of a troubled young priest sent to a tiny village just before Christmas to shut down its failing parish. Father Jonathan Keene is a Scrooge-like man who dispenses forgiveness yet is unwilling to believe that he too can actually be forgiven for something in his past that haunts him daily. Surrounded by eccentric and hilarious characters, including a beautiful librarian who carries a disconcerting secret, Father Keene’s world will, despite his fierce resistance, be turned upside down, forcing him to not only question his brittle faith but grapple with it.
The mysterious little girl, Noëlle and the strange and magical path she leads him down, will not only reveal who he really is, it will show who he is not, in an astonishing climax.
Noëlle is a story of one man’s guilt, and the mysterious path to forgiveness and hope that leads to the unlikeliest of second chances, not just for him, but for everyone.
Written, directed and produced by David, the film stars David as “Father Keene” while his real-life wife, Kerry, plays female lead, “Marjorie Worthington,” her first co-starring role alongside her husband. Three of the Wall’s four children are in the film, including the role of “Noelle” played by daughter, Brennan.
Noëlle is set against the snowy backdrop of a sleepy winter-bound New England town. The film opens on December 7.

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