Nic Gonzales Honored With Gibson Guitar

While in Nashville celebrating the release of the band’s first-ever all-Spanish album, Con Poder, Salvador frontman Nic Gonzales was honored at Gibson Guitars’ Valley Arts, where he was presented with a rare Chet Atkins SST 12-string electric acoustic guitar, worth an estimated $10,000. Made a handful of times in Gibson’s history, the guitar has only been created twice in the past five years, the other belonging to country music star Travis Tritt.
“Wow! I cannot believe how beautiful this guitar is. It’s amazing,” exclaimed Gonzales as Gibson’s Bob Workman first opened the case. Eager to play the guitar, Gonzales says jokingly, “We have a gig tonight, right? If not, we’re going to make one up!”
Endorsed by the guitar giant, Gonzales first approached Gibson about obtaining a 12-string Chet Atkins guitar when the band was entertaining the idea of doing an all-Spanish album. A user of Gibson guitars for years, Gonzales desired the rich harmonics produced by the 12-string to create the full sound often associated with Latin music.
Upon being approached by Gonzales about the guitar, Workman, knowing Gibson’s catalog by heart, was disappointed to inform him that Gibson doesn’t make a 12-string Chet Atkins. However, having seen Travis Tritt play one, Gonzales persisted that it does exist, arousing Workman’s curiosity and convincing him to investigate further.
Ultimately approaching the president of Gibson, Workman was informed of the 12-string and its rarity. Impressed with Salvador after hearing its first two releases on Word Records and with Gonzales’ brand-loyalty, the president commissioned the guitar to be made specifically for Gonzales.
Taking nearly seven months to build, the guitar was finally awarded to Gonzales at Gibson’s Valley Arts in downtown Nashville, ironically on the release date of Con Poder, the album that inspired the desire for the guitar.
“Nic and Salvador demonstrate the commitment to excellence and the ability to speak to the soul of the listener in ways that represent all the best of the music world’s powerful effects, and directly reflects the role Gibson wishes to play in the uplifting of the human spirit through that experience,” says Workman.
Dubbed Christian music’s hardest working and most exciting live band, Salvador erupted onto the music scene three years ago with the buzz of its soulful music and the powerful voice of frontman Nic Gonzales. Their widespread appeal to both pop and Latin audiences has kept them touring an average of 200 dates a year, with highlights including performances at Teen Mania’s Acquire The Fire youth conferences, Promise Keepers events and the Billy Graham and Franklin Graham Crusades.
A feature story about Gonzales being honored with the guitar can be found on Gibson Guitars’ website at


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