just wanted to say that your ministry has been a great blessing to this
area. I would also like to know if you have a newsletter with info about
upcoming youth events. If so, it would be much appreciated if you would
include me on your list. Thank you and God bless.
Ben Damron
Youth Pastor
Elora Church of Jesus
Dear Ben,
Thanks you for your kind words. You will be happy to know that we DO have a monthly print version of Christian Activities Online that does include youth events. Our monthly magazine is called Christian Activities Magazine – creative, huh? Anyway, we publish similar information to what you find on the website every month, but the print version can be handed out at your local church every month. While the magazine is free, we do ask for a yearly love offering of $36 to pay for shipping 30 – 50 issus every month for a year.
If you would like to order 30 – 50 issues each month for your church, please send $36 to:
Christian Activities Magazine
PO Box 210182
Nashville, TN 37221-0182
Thank you for writing and posting your events with us.
In Christ,

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