New Psalms

New Psalms – 2001
Often the cares of this world bring us down
with presupposed importances of life.
Our struggle for meaning often filled up
With troubled strife. Teacher, are we learning?
Often life turns societal frown bent
down on the corners. But I wonder, why we
were born for misery? Shock the monkey.
“No,” say I
To the man who rejects sin as “concept”.
For if so, who cares where the wind may blow?
Often life rebukes claims of illusion.
For what are we if we do not exist?
Life suffers until into death we dive.
How can life be so much if so little
in nature? Still, we must have fulfillment.
Life is all we have, nay, I know more still.
Walk the earth, claim life good, for it is real.
One of the many philosophies floating around these days revolves around the concept of reality. To engage in a conversation with a person who thinks the world a figment of his imagination can be challenging at best, and at worst, extremely frustrating. The underlying message of this attitude is clear, if no true reality exists then no true morality exists, either. The Bible, of course, teaches us a different philosophy on life: God is real and actively seeks a role in our lives.
read: Matthew 6:33 & Luke 12:31

New Psalms – 2002
Cut open skin hurts; then blue blood turns red,
Changing color as it rushes to meet
The oxygen. Pain: hot, pulsing, informs
Mind and body that healing has begun.
Below piercing white lights and sharp scalpels
A surgeon slices open dying man
In order to begin the cruel process:
Cutting, stitching, scarring, restoration.
In a burst of fear and love and anger
A young mother rips her daughter’s outstretched
Fingers away from certain death hidden,
Waiting, inside electrical outlet.
On the walls alongside a mountain pass
Two cut away tablets bear father’s law
To his unwilling children do’s & don’ts.
He knew actions cause results: suffering.
In pity, pain calls blood to heal the wound.
Likewise, the surgeon cuts deep in pity.
In pity, mothers break freewill to teach.
Sometimes the father says no in pity.
Pity often seems heartless in nature,
Saying no, slapping hands, saying don’t, in
Order to save, help, teach, to one good day
Say yes, lifting hands, saying “do so now”.
Perhaps the greatest paradox of the human drama is that mankind is saved by the blood spilled by God incarnate.
Nature gives us many striking analogies to the mysterious workings of God. For example, our own blood rushes to clot an open wound so that it can heal.
read: Acts 17:26 & Hebrews 10:19New Psalms – 2003
In my waking dreams I see a far off city,
And a quiet prophet sitting in a green field
Looking without emotion over the country.
He said to me: “In Carelle there is deception,
Pain, and all things evil. But there is beauty,
Also.” (Here he smiles) “So subtle, so wonderful,
That even in death the flower shall rise and give
You strength.”
And at his words I sight a soft angel watching
With tears for gain on the ancient city. “Sweet Celeste,”
(Said he) “is her name, the flower so delicate
Among the thorns of war.” She who thrives on deeds waits
For God. Yet a little good makes us strong indeed.
And good will abide like candle flame lights the way
In darkness until the end. Wings arched strong by her
Lord’s strength.
At least two of the English language’s greatest poets, John Milton and William Blake, considered the Bible great literature as well as the revelation of God to Man. Both patterned their works after Old Testament books like Job. They believed that the artistic endeavor was one way for the poet to connect with the Creator of the universe; Art (Man) connecting with the ultimate Artist (God).
read: Genesis 1:1, Genesis 1:27, John 1:1

New Psalms – 2004

Don’t you see, poor soul?
That love knocks at your door.
Won’t you let it in from the cold?
Let the joy of love in your heart be warm.
Can’t you see the writing on the wall?
The path to life is not that hard,
Even though some close their eyes and fall.
Open your heart and accept the fruits of the vineyard.
Won’t you take my hand, dear child?
And deny the passions that kill.
If you do not today’s pain will seem mild,
As your soul falls into fire against your will.
Don’t you see, poor soul?
That love knocks at your door.
Won’t you let it in from the cold?
Let the joy of love in your heart be warm.
In all things I’ve shown you the truth,
Now believe me when I say that God is love.
From all the sins starting from your youth,
Be free now and accept that God is love.
Don’t you see, poor soul?
That love knocks at your door.
Won’t you accept, poor soul?
The gift of grace forever more?
Christianity stands alone against all other religions for several important reasons. One that is often overlooked is that Christianity is the only religion that teaches that God actively seeks a relationship with His creation. We see this in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.
read: Daniel 5:5, Matthew 7:7, Matthew 11:28, & Luke 11:9

New Psalms – 2005
How long?
Dear Lord, how long must I cry alone?
Many times I know I have sinned,
and many times I have repented.
Dear Lord, did you forgive me the last time?
Or am I now last in line?
Do you remember that cold April night?
When I searched my heart and cried out in fright
at the blackness that I found?
For months in sin I know I did abound
until that night I fell on my knees
crying for you to forgive and fill my needs.
Dear Lord, again it has been several months.
Has my quest to know you been enough?
Several times lately I have been unsure.
Is it because I have not been pure?
For happiness has shown up at my doorstep
only to be snatched suddenly from within my grip.
Tell me, Lord, is this a part of my growing?
A needful lesson that these trials bring.
Or am I doomed to look at happiness,
but be forever forbidden to join in the bliss?
But you, Lord, know what I am needing,
and you close your ears to my pleading.
Lord, break me and let my cup spill.
Reform my heart to do your will.
Even though like a heathen I rage,
in your patience you turn the page,
and bring me another tomorrow.
Dear Lord, I beg you for no more sorrow.
If trouble comes again (I know it will),
I will rave like a spoiled child.
Lord, I thank you again in advance,
for showing me your patience from no great distance.
I am grateful that you wait for me to perfect praise.
Dear Lord, I will love you always.
Perfect me in your saving grace.
Lord, until I finally see your face.
Many times in life we feel not only alone but even rejected by God. Jesus never promised his followers an easy life (see John chapter 15), quite the opposite in fact. This fallen world currently lives under the dominion of the Prince of the Air, so disappointment and pain should be expected to come at varying times in our lives. David himself felt and wrote of these times of suffering and doubt that enter our lives. As children of God we can take our fears and doubts, and even our anger, to him in order to seek the comfort that only a Father can give.
read: Luke 6:35 & Romans 8:16

New Psalms – 2006
I remember the night I cried out in despair,
The sound of which filled my entire being
But not a word touched any human ear
Not a soul could hear my pleading.
That was a long time ago.
The night the Lord heard my silent scream.
I had reached the end of my rope and had nowhere to go.
It was the night I learned what hope in Jesus could mean.
My plea was simple, “Where do I go from here?
I need to know how to carry on,
for I feel all alone,
and my cry is but a silent whisper.”
The answer to my plea was just as quiet,
though also loud and clear.
Suddenly, I no longer felt emptiness or fear.
When heartfelt,
even a silent whisper can become answered prayer.
The most important moment in our live’s is the moment of acceptance of and surrender to Jesus. To be born again means receiving the ability to see all things in a new, perfect, and wonderful light in a way we could not have conceived of before that moment. A moment whose memory can comfort us when the trials of life come to erode away our joy.
Read: John 3:3-8 & 1 Peter 1:18-25

New Psalms – 2007
Those who die with the most toys,
Still die.
To that end only an appointed few will cry.
Grown men should not pursue the dreams of little boys.
They only pull one away from his responsibilities.
Responsibilities to himself, his wife, his children.
Noble goals pursued by the wisest of men.
Men willing to understand- and enjoy- his realities.
Not selfish dreams that ultimately end in pain.
Can’t you see that for every day of sun is a day of rain?
Hold onto now, the pleasures of good fellowship,
Bask in the sunlight of real love, refuting needless hardship.
This psalm simply promotes the values and focus of a man grounded in faith. A gentle reminder of what type of conduct the Father expects of us.
“When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.”
– -1 Corinthians 13:11
New Psalms – 2008
Patience takes time to learn.
Strength for such virtue
is a hard road.
Especially in
anxiety’s mist,
where pressure suffocates us.
My breath becomes short,
my lungs are not full.
Pressures abound wrapped tight around
my mind filled with fear.
One long breath.
Just a little time bought.
Jesus, restore my strength,
comfort and clear my thoughts.
How can I learn patience?
You must force it on me.
Author of the patient heart
affect my mind with true strength.
Jesus, restore my strength,
restore my will before death comes.
Bring rest into my weary soul.
Breathe life into a heart become old.
Renew my soul through your saving grace.
I will be then patient.
The one aspect I pray for more than wisdom is patience. People who know me consider me a patient man. Maybe by most people’s standards I am indeed that, but I know better. Lack of patience in our 15 minute society is the one common trait that we all share. We must not let this struggle with patience overcome us and make us ineffective. We need to remember “the peace of God which passeth all understanding.”

Read: Phillipians 4:6,7
New Psalms – 2009
Tares stand tall
against the grain.
Tares appall,
Thriving in wind and rain.
Wheat waves nervous,
Yearning for harvest.
Afraid to be free.
Afraid to be blessed.
Tares sway bold.
Wheat grows tall.
Tares gain much attention.
Kindling for the eternal oven.

The parable of the tares and the wheat is more than just an allegory of Judgment Day. As wheat, we fear the strength of tares to choke us, make us ineffective men and women of faith. The threat of judgment also brings the promise of justice.
Read: Matthew 13:24-30 & 13:36-43

New Psalms – 2010
We’re all time travelers,
on course with destiny.
Guided all the while,
to a date with eternity.
Our souls, born into human bodies
begin the first journey.
The road most difficult traveled.
Pot holes and gravel,
rain worn roads.
We know them all.
But never learn
the road called Straight.
Sometimes rain,
sometimes sunny,
time slips away.
Or does time fade?
What is time to eternity?
A passing fad.
In a moment,
God became man.
He walked the road,
opened the door,
then left time behind.
And bid us follow.
I am at an age where I no longer look forward to birthdays. Time often feels like a mortal enemy, and while my soul resides in a body ruled by sin it is. The most difficult task during the onslaught of this particular kind of attack is to keep the eye on the prize: eternal life in the presence of the Father. To realize in our darkest moments that “the coming joy will render obsolete the former pain.”

Read: Philippians 3:8-14

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