Never Abandoned

Recently, our family went to a restaurant/game complex to celebrate my husband’s birthday. Halfway through our evening, an announcement was made that a little girl with red boots and a blue jacket had been found and “would her parents please come and pick her up.” Thirty minutes later, the same announcement was made. One hour later, as we were leaving, there was a small group of restaurant employees gathered around the manager as she held a little sobbing girl who could have not been more than two years old. The police had been called because no parents had shown up.
I looked at my two children and wondered how anyone could abandon a mere baby out in the world by themselves. What kind of life would this child have? Being a mother, my heart was wretched with grief as I saw this situation unfold. My memory will always contain the image of the little girl and those tiny red snow boots.
As I processed through this experience in the week that followed I thought of many children, young and old who are abandoned and even adults who are really lonely. Isaiah 49:1, 3, 15-16 says “God called me before I was born. He said, “You are my servant. I’ll use you to show how great I am.” “ Can a mother forget her baby? Can she stop being kind to her own baby? Even if a mother might forget, I won’t forget you, said God. “See? I drew your picture on the inside of my hands. I always see you.”
The Lord longs to be Father and take care of His children. He is compassionate and merciful. It set my mind at ease to know as we prayed as a family for this little girl, the Lord loves her and cares about her welfare more than we could. If you are feeling alone today, know that God loves you so much! He has a wonderful plan for you. He is always watching over you and has already claimed you as His own. Walk in confidence that today that you are foremost in His Heart.


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