MOVIE OF THE WEEK: ‘3 Day Test’ with Corbin Bernsen Family-Friendly Flick

A “Jingle Bells” medley plays as credits and a list of 3-Day rules roll when the holiday movie from Corbin Bernsen, “3 Day Test,” (also known as “3 Day Christmas”) begins. At that moment, accountant Martin Taylor (George Newbern) has a Port-o-Potty drop on his car. His day does not get better from there.
While Martin is in the middle of a meeting with a client, he gets a call from his brother Sam (Kevin Crowley) alerting him that Martin’s 17-year-old daughter was picked up by the police drinking at the mall with her hairy, tattooed boyfriend, Regis.
Sam tells Martin he needs to take control: “The river is rising and you’re going under.” Then he gives Martin a gift — the semi-survivalist manual “3-Day Test.”
Martin takes his daughter home to find his wife gone to one of her community classes, his little daughter Jesse watching a television evangelist with Tina–the doll she talks to, and his son watching the family by remote and communicating via an electronic sign on his bedroom door. When he tries to talk to his wife about his concerns, his wife echoes Sam and tells Martin to take control.
Martin tries to take control by following the pamphlet–unplugging from all the utilities: water, power, etc., and blacking out the windows. As a result, the family rebels and the next door neighbor calls the police and tells them he is holding his family hostage. The police handcuff Martin, but his wife steps in and tells the police to leave, that they are not hostages, and she decides to support Martin’s three-day plan.
Can the Taylor’s survive 72 hours together without utilities and electronics during the holidays and learn what it means to communicate with each other and be a family?
“Humor offers a wonderful tool to communicate truth and entertain audiences as you do it,” says Bernsen, an Emmy- and Golden Globe-nominated actor now also writing, producing and directing films. “’3 Day Test’ features talented comedic actors in a zany plot, but at its heart it tells a story of how one family reconnects.”
Written and directed by Corbin Bernsen, “3-Day-Test” is one part “Courageous,” one part “Christmas Vacation,” and one part “Home Alone.” Starring George Newbern, Kevin Crowley, and Corbin Bernsen, the movie is humorous, touching and very family friendly.
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